"How has student life at Lancaster University changed since the 1970's?"

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I have decided to address the question: “How has student life at Lancaster University changed since the 1970’s?” If I were to answer this question, I would want to compare the life of students at Lancaster University in the 1970’s, just after the university was built, to the life that students now lead, in 2003. In order to do this, I would first need to decide what issues I want to consider, as the question is very broad, and may cover an extensive range of topics. Perhaps I would look at how many people attended the University in the 1970’s and onwards, and if the number has changed dramatically in thirty years. I could also consider the gender divisions, and the number of international students; how these numbers have changed over a period of time, and how this has affected student lives. I could also converge on activities carried out by the students such as sporting activities, societies and clubs, and nightlife entertainment typically carried out by students. It would perhaps also be relevant to focus on the amount of money students have, or did have, and if the recent development of student loans has vastly changed the pattern of student life at Lancaster.

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        There are numerous types of recent and historical evidence that I could obtain, in answering the proposed question. It would be interesting to look at the number of students at the university, and how this has changed over the years. I could obtain this kind of information by perhaps asking the administration staff at University House, or looking in the university archives. I could then, assuming that more people attend the University now, than in the 1970’s look at the rate of acceleration of the number of students over the years by producing a time series. This kind of quantitative ...

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