To visit Queensway primary School as part of my study. I am a student at Park Lane College studying Health and Social Care (OCR level 3). The aim of my visit is to learn how a quality care service is achieved for all the service

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TASK 5: Preparing to explore quality practice in a care setting

Assessment Objective Number 6

My chosen Care setting is a local primary school.

(People who assisted in my research)

Receptionist:   Mrs. Agar.

Nursery head: Mrs. Mawson

Head teacher: Mrs. G. palmer-Smeaton

Queensway Primary School,



West Yorkshire,

LS19 7lF.

Telephone/Fax No. 01943 874925



E-mail request for permission to visit my chosen care setting. Sent on Monday 15/01/2006 – 12.42pm

Dear Mrs. Agar,


This e-mail is to request permission to visit Queensway primary School as part of my study.


I am a student at Park Lane College studying Health and Social Care (OCR level 3).


The aim of my visit is to learn how a quality care service is achieved for all the service users involved with your school.


The nature of the questions asked will be regarding the following subjects


> How service users' rights are supported in the school


> Tensions between rights and responsibilities


> How equality and diversity are promoted


> How confidential information is handled


> Legislations and codes of practice that are in place to promote equality for everyone


> Organisational policies and procedures that guide and support quality care practice


> working practices that have been designed to ensure quality is maintained in the school


Would it be possible to arrange a time to visit please? Monday mornings or after school hours are the most convenient to myself!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for any help, time and information that you provide me with.


Many kind regards from


Miss Tina Lawrence –

Contact no. 07793392744

Mrs. Mawson, the nursery head contacted me on Wednesday 18/01/06 – 08.45am to arrange a time for me to visit her at the nursery. I shall be meeting with the nursery staff on Thursday 19/01/06 - 09.30am.

My chosen care setting Queensway Primary School is a rather small mid-town but very well managed establishment. They have been very helpful and supportive towards me during the period of time that I have been doing my research into the way in which they provide a quality service. They have provided me with a wealth of information highlighting the amount of work, planning, law and knowledge that goes into making the school the quality practice that it is.  I think that their ethos statement says it all:

Queensway Primary School -Ethos and Aims 




I introduced myself to a few parents of the nursery children and asked a few questions about how they found the service that is provided by Queensway. I have not included their full details, just a first name.


When you were choosing a nursery for your child what factor/s where important to you?

Locality and quality.

How far away from the school do you live?

10 minutes walk away.

And do you walk to school daily?


Is there another school that is local to you?

Yes, about the same distance away.

How did you go about discovering the qualities and values of the school?

I visited the nursery beforehand; the staff were all so welcoming and helpful. I also have a friend whose child attends the school who is happy with the service provided. The school also has a useful website that I visited for extra information.

What do you find to be the best aspects of the nursery?

Before my child started nursery Mrs. Mawson visited my home and gave me a welcome pack and lots of information and comfort about when my child would start school. I found this extremely warm and welcoming. It’s not something I’ve ever heard of other nursery heads doing.

How do you find the staff?

All friendly with plenty of time and understanding. They are all very committed to what they are doing.

Do you find that your confidentiality is maintained?

Yes. They always talk to me in private if I want to discuss anything.

How has your overall experience been of Queensway Primary nursery?

Good. No complaints.

How is your child’s progress reported back to you?

There is a lot of feedback. As well as parents’ evenings and a mentor there is usually a teacher greeting and saying goodbye that makes comments upon any relevant daily events and/or achievements.

Have you come against any tensions with the nursery?

Not as yet

What, if anything would improve the service that you receive?

Nothing I can think of.

If your child has any special needs is there support available? 

N/A                   _____________________________________

Please tick one response for each question:

My opinions and feelings are heard and respected.

   Strongly disagree




   Strongly agree

All the nursery children are treat fairly and equally.

   Strongly disagree




   Strongly agree

Diversity is welcomed and encouraged in the nursery.

   Strongly disagree




Join now!

   Strongly agree

All cultures and religions are welcomed and respected.

   Strongly disagree




   Strongly agree

The staff at Queensway nursery are professional and caring.

   Strongly disagree




   Strongly agree

Queensway nursery upholds their ethos statement and aims (see attached documentation).

   Strongly disagree




   Strongly agree

How satisfied are you with your child’s progress?

   Very satisfied 



   Fairly dissatisfied

   Very dissatisfied

Would you recommend Queensway ...

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