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Work Experience Report.

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Work Experience Report Aaron White University Of Leicester May 6th- 16th 2003 My work experience placement was the University of Leicester in the Computer Centre. Although I was at a learning establishment the environment was office-like. In the University there are about 750 people employed there, but I only worked with 11 of them. In the Computer Centre I was given a range of tasks which included simple things like fixing floppy disks to more difficult things like working on the help desk trying to fix more complicated problems. For the first week I arrived at work by car and I caught the bus the second week, both weeks I was picked up at 5:00 by car. Before arriving at the Computer Centre I was feeling extremely nervous because I felt like I was going to an unknown place where I might not have been accepted or liked by my colleagues. I was also quite worried about the hours I had to work as I knew they would be very different to the time spent in school. I hoped that while I was working that everyone would accept me and invite me into their group, and that the work I was given would not push me beyond my limit. ...read more.


The most interesting thing about work experience was the help desk in the library. This was the most fun thing on the placement as I got to work with the students in helping them with more simple problems, which included getting the printer to work and bringing back their work which they had managed to delete and not save. That thing that let the placement down the most was the planning of it all, some days I was told that I could do things and others I carried on with an ongoing project, but this was not a big deal and did not affect the atmosphere of the experience. I would say that I got on well with everyone I worked with in the two weeks I spent at the University. Most of the people were still quite young and understood my position, relating to their own work experience, and trying to make it better for myself. The atmosphere in the machine room (where I spent a lot of time) was relaxed and this helped me to settle in. Everyone knew when to be fun and when to be serious and this lightened up the two weeks. ...read more.


I feel that I made the most of the opportunities I was offered as I did what I was told and took it that little bit further, giving myself an edge. I feel proud of the work I produced and my attitude towards it, and I hope these shows in my reference from my supervisors and work placement provider. The only thing that I would like to have done differently would have been the time I arrived for work, somehow I always managed to be early and this made my day slightly longer, but this was not a big problem as I could cope with it. On this whole experience I feel that I learnt a lot about myself including the fact that I am quite a good active speaker and listener and that I should not doubt my skills in future. In general I learnt that the world of work can be very fun and rewarding if you do the right thing at the right time. I feel that the whole experience was worth while and I would hope to do it again sometime as I feel I could further my education and eventual employment in this sector of the working world. ...read more.

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