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  1. Discuss the relationship between language and the body in Julian of Norwichs A Revelation of Love

    Se I left never myne hands of myn werks, never shall, withoute ende. Se I lede al thing to the end.' [11]) and her habit of interrupting herself: The nombre of my words passyth my wit and al my understondyng and al my mights, and it arn the heyest, as to my syte; for therein is comprehendid- I cannot tellyn; but the ioy that I saw in the shewyng of them passyth al that herte may willen and soule may desire; and therefore the words be not declaryd here but every man after the grace that God gevyth him in understondyng and lovyng receive hem in our lords menyng.

    • Word count: 2200
  2. Humor-driven Social Commentary in the Medieval Period. "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" highlights the faults of knights and of chivalry. "The General Prologue" highlights the shift away from serfdom.

    It also holds comedic value in its humorous depiction of Sir Gawain's quest. "The General Prologue" of The Canterbury Tales is a perfect example of humor in medieval literature. Chaucer uses humor generously throughout The Canterbury Tales allowing it to be a more palatable series of stories that comment on social issues. However the story also serves as a very thorough social commentary on many different peoples during the medieval period. "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" is a representative piece of medieval literature because of its commentary on the chivalric code. The entire story spits on the idea of chivalry and hierarchy with the Green Knight.

    • Word count: 911

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