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University Degree: Computer Science

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    UK Copyright and File Sharing

    5 star(s)

    file sharing. In this article, I will investigate the situation of file sharing in the UK, and also analyse how persistent sharers may expect to be prosecuted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, as well as other legislation, in the future. The earliest form of file sharing gained popularity in 1998. Released under the name Napster, and developed by Shawn Fanning (an American university student at the time), the service offered users P2P music sharing. The term 'Peer-to-Peer' refers to the way in which content is exchanged.

    • Word count: 3810
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Cisc v risc. To begin this assignment , I will outline the definition of cisc and risc . Cisc stands for complex instruction set computing and Risc stands for reduced instruction set computing . these two concepts are both types of instruction sets used

    in 1970 the main component of a computer was the cpu , which could be the size of a large fridge and was attended by lab technicians. The thought of compressing a cpu down to the size of a small silicone chip was a far fetched concept back then . computers in them days were rewired to perform calculations but three mathematicians John von newman , J.presper Eckert and John Mauchly thought of an idea of storing the instruction set of these calculations .

    • Word count: 3112
  3. Introduction to Internet Report- - creating a website

    So our crew decided to create a web site about that, help people understand what is drifting, how everything works. index.html Index page has latest news and information about drifting, events and videos. This page holds most important updates and whatever happens in our website sidew.html This page will hold all information about new events and their timetables, places and prices for entering. videos.html Videos will contain just visual information about drifting, cars, people and events. This page holds a videos flash files and players from other web pages.

    • Word count: 2558
  4. Introduction to Computer Forensics

    (John Sammons, 2012) Forensic technologies are designed to prepare and extract evidence from a seized computer system. The basic method of preserving, detecting and obtaining the electronic evidences was described in. This extraction is performed in such a manner to satisfy the requirements of the courts. Typically, the data that resides on the fixed drive of a system has been erased or otherwise altered in order to protect incriminating information. First of all the investigator has to ensure that system is secure and all the data is safe.

    • Word count: 1560
  5. Measurement of Processors Performance report. In the experiment, a testing code was developed in C Programming Language. The design involved filling up each memory hierarchy level with data, then by noting down the time taken to access each level, the ban

    In the memory hierarchy, each level is distinguished by the response time with the top-most level being the fastest. In most computers, this level is the processor registers which are often accessed in one CPU clock cycle. The next level is the Level 1 (L1) Cache, which is temporally and physically closest to the main processor. The third level is usually the Level 2 (L2) Cache and the forth level is the main memory [1]. We conducted an experiment to measure the data transfer rate between these memory levels and the results are presented and analyzed in this report.

    • Word count: 2428
  6. The aim of this project is to develop a web-based control laboratory to serve undergraduate students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering at The University of Auckland.

    It will also save a lot of equipment being use at a time and laboratory instructors. With all these benefits from the web-based laboratory, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Auckland has decided to propose a research project which develops a web-based control laboratory. The developed web-based control laboratory will benefit the undergraduate students within the department. During the development of the web-based control laboratory, it has been considered that both software and hardware designs are necessarily. This report will discuss the background of traditional laboratory versus web-based laboratory in Section 2; Section 3 will define the project objectives and requirements.

    • Word count: 2165
  7. Applying AI to Finance. The Symbolic and Sub-Symbolic approaches.

    Expert Systems possess knowledge acquired in practice and which cannot be found in literature or acquired in any other way, but which is invaluable to a business success of a firm or a financial institution. Therefore, the first and the most important advantage and purpose of creating ES is to make the domain knowledge of an expert accessible to a wider circle of people. This would ensure business existence and survival when the expert and his knowledge of doing the work are no longer available to the company.

    • Word count: 2741
  8. Information systems development literature review. Since the 1960s Methodologies, Frameworks, Approaches and CASE tools have evolved providing more effective and efficient strategies intended for systems development.

    Through utilising a wide variety of resources a clear succint description of these has been provided, delineating philosophies and stating techniques adopted convey within table 2.1-1 located within appendix A. 2.2 Structured Methods Refering to appendix A JSD, SSADM, YSM, Merise and IE can be described as structured approaches. Structured approaches provide "...the concepts for structured programming...applied to analysis and design, and techniques (such as data flow diagramming)..." Avison, D.E & Fitzgerald, G. (2003). Enabling a meticulous, methodological process in which information systems can be developed involving a number of stages.

    • Word count: 14222
  9. TCP wireshark. This assignment will investigate the behaviour of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). The application well suited for this assignment is Wireshark, it has the features suitable for this assignment and enables me to output the relevant grap

    I will be using the POST method rather than the GET method as I will be transferring a large amount of data from my computer to another computer. Wireshark will be running during this time to obtain the trace of the TCP segments sent and received from my computer. A first look at the captured trace 1. What is the IP address and TCP port number used by the client computer (source) that is transferring the file to gaia.cs.umass.edu? IP address (source): TCP port: 1161 2.

    • Word count: 1748
  10. Geometric Brownian Motion. The aim of this project is to gain an understanding of the Monte Carlo simulation method (Value-at-Risk measure) and to create a user-friendly piece of software that will allow investors to determine the potential risk a chosen

    The user friendly software will be created to allow trouble-free navigation throughout the process of finding out how risky a stock can be. The software will also be designed to alert users of any errors that have been made through VBA coding and functions available. Chapter 2: Background A simulation model will be used in this project in order to generate an estimation of a future stock price. However, there are many simulation models used within the financial sector in order to determine potential future stock prices.

    • Word count: 6360
  11. Ethics and professionalism in computing - examples from Facebook and Google

    To report an infringement of a copyright or other intellectual property right (for example, trademark) user can fill out an automated IP infringement form. This form is the fastest way to report any type of infringement. GOOGLE Google strongly supports intellectual property and copyright law, which are essential to both rewarding creators and supporting the free flow of information. Intellectual property (IP) laws are essential for ensuring that innovators are rewarded for their work and that incentives exist for people and companies to develop new ideas, technologies, and products. Intellectual property rights are not absolute.

    • Word count: 3425
  12. Toronto Airport Case Study Wireless Applications

    Standardized Hardware and Software Several business issues faced the GTAA in trying to implement the common use approach. Air Canada was the dominant carrier at Pearson airport with over 60% of the airport's traffic. As the dominant carrier, Air Canada feared the loss of any competitive advantage it might have due to exclusive use of its gates (which could form a barrier against competitors). There was also a fear of losing self-sufficiency. Since Air Canada felt that its IT network was already superior to those of its competitors, they perceived the common use approach as "leveling the playing field" and did not see any advantage in going to this approach.

    • Word count: 4266
  13. Systems Modelling and Simulation - Prey predator model. The goal of this experiment is to model the population dynamics of animals both predator and prey when they are present in an environment.

    and the death rate of the predator. Assumptions: 1. The forest is large and the preys are born and die continuously. 2. There is no shortage of food. At time t, the prey population is x. After time t+?t, the prey population is given by : x+ no of prey born in time ?t- no of natural prey deaths in time ?t. The rate of growth during interval ?t is : (x +?x-x)/(t+?t-t) Taking lim ?x/?t= dx/dt. ?t-->0 Thus we are assuming that the number of preys is large enough to support a continuous death and birth rates.

    • Word count: 1200
  14. Linux memory management. Linux uses demand paging where the virtual pages are only loaded into physical memory when needed by the process. Swapping occurs when a process needs to bring data from the virtual memory to the physical memory,

    Each of these pages has a page frame number (PFN). Linux uses demand paging where the virtual pages are only loaded into physical memory when needed by the process. Swapping occurs when a process needs to bring data from the virtual memory to the physical memory, if there is no space available an old page is swapped out of memory to bring in the new one. Linux the Least Recently Used (LRU) technique to efficiently choose pages which are to be removed from the system.

    • Word count: 694
  15. MAKING WAP COMPETE WITH WWW : An Approach To Bring Web Services To Mobile Platform With High Flexibility.

    In ten years, we have quickly reached the point where we can no longer afford to consider devices in isolation, but must take into account the larger social and contextual factors surrounding mobile device use"[2]. As WAP services are launched in countries all over the world, some people are getting their first experiences of Mobile Internet. There is an incredible activity among WML developers today, and everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. Still one can hear some HTML-developers being grumpy about abandoning their favorite markup language, and learning a new one that is extremely unforgiving to syntax errors.

    • Word count: 2434
  16. Precise analysis about The legal or illegal utilization of Internet cookies

    This paper firstly aims to argue precisely about various points of view about cookies and secondly intends to examine and debate concerning Internet users' idea, way of thinking, their likely requests and also their level of awareness about cookies. Literature review While electronic commerce has grown rapidly in recent years, most of marketing-website owners are trying to raise their awareness about customer convenience and behavior. It is obvious that if marketers have adequate information about their consumers such as preferred goods and some data about their identity, it can help them to promote their business and also help them to maintain their customers.

    • Word count: 3780
  17. IT Security. In this practical we focus on digital signing based on RSA and ElGamal. We also look at the Digital Signature Standard and the use of hashing when signing.

    Determine if Bob should accept the signed message as valid. Solution. Bob checks by computing 5444 (mod 5023) = 4678 and also ybbg (mod p) =3796229422943740 = 728. So no, Bob should not accept the message as being validly signed by Alice. C. The questions in this section deal with attacking the El Gamal scheme. 1. In this case, Oscar, the attacker, uses Alice's scheme set-up parameters p = 5023, a = 5 and y = 5a = 3796. Oscar picks random , r1 = 205 and r2 = 1021.

    • Word count: 973
  18. Unix Shell Programming


    • Word count: 2019
  19. Training Booking System with ASP. I believe I have displayed the knowledge required by both of these, in as such as showing that on the client-side you can do things like form validation and changing the appearance of the HTML and CSS.

    If not, an error is displayed. Bookings Page - This redirects you back to the Login page if you are not logged in, otherwise gives you the option to either go onto the View Bookings page or the Logout page. - On this page you have the ability to add a trainee, which is done by entering a first name and a last name (these must be valid names, else an error is displayed). Also booking a trainee onto a course; this is done by selecting a course from a drop down menu and then selecting one or more trainees from a select box and confirming it.

    • Word count: 2509
  20. Computer Health and Safety

    Electrical sockets must not be overloaded iv. There must be adequate space around the machine v. Heating and ventilation must be suitable vi. Lighting must be suitable with no glare or reflections vii. Table must be strong enough to support the computers i 2. WORK AREA A well arranged computer work area could enhance the user's comfort during computer experience and his productivity. The computer work area should have enough space to accommodate the user. It should also permit full range of motions that will be involved in carry out the task. Adequate space should be provided for the equipments that make up the computer units Figure 1 WORKING AREA i Overcrowding of computer work area should be avoided.

    • Word count: 2585
  21. A bucketing framework for Database security

    On the server side there is the encrypted table (cf. table 2 page 1). Table 2: Representation of the encrypted table When you look at the encrypted table, the only things that you can use are the distribution of the tuples into the differ- 1 This example are largely inspided from the example 1 of [4] page 721 and of the examples of the section 2 of [3] pages 217 and 218. ent buckets and/or the relations between the partitions of the columns.

    • Word count: 4449
  22. Critique: Why Don't we encrypt email?

    And for the most part, it is. There are many concepts that Farrell ploughs through to try and explain to the reader, many of which don't help in answering the question posed in the title. One example of this would be Farrell's divergence to explaining the two MUA integrated protocols, S/MIME and OpenPGP, and how these have not been incorporated mainstream MUA program operations. He doesn't entirely describe why the protocols "remain unused" (though he partly answers this under the following section), but how "these protocols are deployed" (Farrell 2009, p.83).

    • Word count: 905
  23. GSM Security

    GSM is a standard of mobile communication which was developed and implemented into mobile phone technology in 1988. The information transmitted is encrypted with an algorithm known as the A5/1 function that uses a 64 bit key to provide privacy to the calls one makes from their mobile phone. In December 2009, Karsten Nohl broke the encryption of this function using a table of functions (called rainbow tables), to allow him to listen in on people's phone calls. It is important to understand the wider significance of the problem.

    • Word count: 1129
  24. Methods and technology used in Computer Forensics

    In this sense, this branch of forensic science is no different to that of its counterparts; it's simply digital. 2.1 Uses of Computer Forensics As was just noted, computer forensics are used to unconver proof of particular usage in digital environments. This is not always a question of criminal investigation; there are also civil, academic and professional reasons for using computer forensics. Dennis Lynn Rader, a notorious American serial killer, was convicted in 2005 after a lengthly investigation came to a head when disks he had sent to a police station were analysed.

    • Word count: 9544

"Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes."

-Edsger Dijkstra

If you're the kind of person that chooses a laptop based solely on the colour and shape, you can stop reading here. If, on the other hand, you've alwaysloved digging into the underlying mechanics of computers, trying your hand at writing software and replacing hardware, then a university degree in computer science could be an excellent choice for you.

To demonstrate full understanding of the course material, students of computer science will be expected to write papers. If you'd like to sharpen yourwriting skills, visit Marked by Teachers' collection of mathematical and computer science essays. Study from our teacher-annotated examples, and soon you'll be able to write as logically in English as you can in C++.

Computer science graduates usually go on to apply their skills directly to their careers, whether they find themselves withinbusiness, finance, government, academia or even the video games industry.


Conclusion analysis

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How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

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  • This report focuses on how the OSI (Open System Interconnection) and TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) compare and contrast.

    "Conclusion: Because the OSI model was developed before the protocols were invented, it is not biased towards any of them. That makes it a general model. In contrast, the TCP/IP was just a description of already existing protocols. That makes it an applied suite for internetworking. It is relatively simple and reliable and available on virtually every hardware and operating system."

  • What Was the Tsarist Political System? To What Extent Had It Changed By 1914?

    "In conclusion it is clear that the Tsarist system was on a slippery slope. The Tsars knew from other countries experience that autocracy would crumble. I think that Alexander II tried to reform the system to bring the country up to date yet retain autocracy. However it could not happen as censorship made people uneducated and stopped the industry progressing. I think the Tsars after him tenuously held onto power by controlling the population in every aspect of life yet they tightened their grip so the country burst into revolution."

  • To what extent has the German electoral system shaped its party system and the development of the ma

    "In conclusion, then, the party system in Germany has been affected by many factors, including the role assigned to parties in the Basic Law, the role of the Federal Constitutional Court, sociology, and history, as well as the electoral system. It is difficult to see how any of these factors could be said to be pre-eminent, since they are intertwined to such a great extent, and it is also difficult to predict how the system will change in the future. The PDS, the remains of the old communist party in the GDR, is now in the Bundestag, and it is impossible to say how long they will stay there. Likewise the Greens. However, on the whole the history of the FRG is one of stable government, and this can be attributed to all of the factors noted above."

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