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University Degree: Information Systems

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  1. Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

    Financially Kudler is able to handle the transition with profit margins doing quite well. There was no time frame given for the project but the estimation is going to be approximately six months. The resources are available (hardware availability, WAN software, utility functions such as high speed cable and/or DSL). Based on an overview of Kudler Fine Foods corporate policies and the culture of those that are employed by the company the employees are eager to help in the transition to the new system. Statement of Scope and Goals Kudler Fine Foods is currently a successful business but they seem to be losing focus on the important things such as customer satisfaction and prioritize their tasks to maximize their objectives for the fiscal year.

    • Word count: 3956
  2. Service Request SR-rm-004, Final Paper

    Riordan has many customers such as automotive part manufactures, aircraft manufactures, the department of defense, beverage makers and bottlers, and appliances. EVALUATION As reported by Riordan's Human Resources the companies HR system was installed in 1992. It is a part of the financial systems package and keeps track of the following employee information: * Personal information (such as name, address, marital status, birth date, etc.) * Pay rate * Personal exemption for tax purposes * Hire date * Seniority date (which is sometimes different than the hire date)

    • Word count: 2489
  3. M2U Case Study

    We started out with some small chit chat. We told him we are graduated employees with some basic knowledge of mobile phone services and that we are here to get some more information on the project that was given to us. We indicated the interview would last about 40 - 60 minutes. The questions will be asked to gather the information needed to increase our understanding of the project. This way we would have more knowledge about the company and what they want us to do. What is your company about?

    • Word count: 2709
  4. Report for Ed Transformers

    Lastly, Ed Transformers should make the donations easy to use, first allowing the user to select a project to donate to, then a student, then they fill in a form stating how much they want to give, when they will do so and via what means (credit card, etc), and finally verifying the information at the end. This will all make the user experience more pleasant, and the success of the website will improve. 1. Introduction. Within this report, some key factors will be discussed, with reference to the Australian organization: Ed Transformers.

    • Word count: 5526
  5. Datbase management system v. Traditional file processing system

    This leads us to a few problems with the traditional file environment. They include data redundancy and inconsistency, program-data dependence, lack of flexibility, poor security and a lack of data sharing and availability. As we can see, the traditional file processing system is highly outdated. The database management system (DBMS) is an appropriate alternative for the dynamic organisations of our globalised world. The database is "a collection of data organized to serve many applications efficiently by centralizing the data" (Laudon and Laudon 2006). A data model would comprise of three components. It would consist of a structural part (a set of rules to construct the database), a manipulative part (that would define the types of operation that can done on the data)

    • Word count: 2131
  6. Acceptability of Biometric Security System

    And obviously the method will provide hundred percent security. Pursuing these necessities, different methods have been developed at times. Some of them have been accepted and some became extinct. While talking about secure system professor Eugene H. Spafford said that, "The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards - and even then I have my doubts." [6]. But that could not stop people from trying to make the systems absolutely secure.

    • Word count: 4420
  7. Message confidentiality, Encrypt/Decrypt an arbitrary message using secret key cryptography including Base64 encoding.

    cannot be attached in the same way. Binary files need some sort of encoding process to be attached with STMP mail. And the most widely used encoding is Base64 [3]. Description of DES algorithm DES Encryption Process "DES has a very strong internal structure" [2]. The following figure presents an overview of the DES encryption process. Figure 1: DES Encryption process In DES encryption process 2 inputs are provided to the encryption function: a 64 bit plain text and a 56 bit secret key.

    • Word count: 740
  8. In this coursework we will be designing a component based model for a business application in a healthcare pharmacy environment. It will comprise of a detailed view UML models, a suitable description of the system for a technology selection,

    Use case 2: Issue Prescription Principle Actor: GP, Pharmacy Scenario: 1. GP enters username and password 1.1. GP enters Incorrect Username/Password 1.2. User is asked to re-enter Username/password 2. GP Brings up Patient Details 3. GP issues a prescription 3.1. GP finds that the patient has an ADR, so the GP must prescribe an alternate medicine 3.2. GP fills out the Prescription form. 4. everyone goes home and has a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate/coke/water Exceptions: * GP may not issue a prescription to non registered Patients.

    • Word count: 6474

    The rapid growth in the medical field has encouraged expansion of knowledge, yet medical professionals are not aware of these relevant resources that are causing an immense change. It has been observed that the available information released in articles, researches, textbooks and medical journal are slowly disseminated. Apparently, the obstacles behind this meeting these needs include Inadequate access to clinicians to update their information resources, Poor organization of accessible information, Insufficient amount of time for inquiry, and Lack of interest of clinicians on available important information in their field (Smith, R.1996)

    • Word count: 4541
  10. IT policy

    2.2 Security: i) Don't attempt to gain unauthorized access to information or facilities. The Computer Misuse Act 1990 makes it a criminal offence to obtain unauthorized access to any computer (including workstations and PCs) or to modify its contents. If you don't have access to information resources you feel you need, contact your IT Support person or provider. ii) Don't disclose personal system passwords or other security details to other staff, volunteers or external agents and don't use anyone else's login; this compromises the security of XYZ. If someone else gets to know your password, ensure you change it or get IT Support to help you.

    • Word count: 1014
  11. Bond Pricing Application

    Kervin and Mohamed have more programming experience so the programming portion was mostly theirs. Although all members contributed to the overall project, I was left to do the written portion. This overview is to provide descriptions and explanations for the various inputs required when evaluating pricing and returns associated with bonds. Typically, a bond pricing calculator is utilized to solve for the bond's yield to maturity which considers the coupon rate, the time to maturity, the issue and settlement date, and assumes that interest payments are reinvested at the bond's coupon rate.

    • Word count: 1313
  12. Office systems project

    Doing this report has helped us has individuals to work as a team, it has also made us aware of the difficulties associated with managing a team based project, this help us develop ways of overcoming the problems that arise from team work. In addition, we learned better, communication, interpersonal skills The Report was requested by Mike Scott as a part of assessment for the Office Systems Unit. This report has detailed and coherent account for requirement analysis. This report is to be submitted on the 8th May 2008 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report reviews the possible options, available for analysing and designing a new system in regards of designing and developing an inventory stock control system for Titlas Ventures Limited.

    • Word count: 8633
  13. Balance ScoreCard

    The balanced scorecard is based on four perspectives. There are: * Financial Perspective * Customer Perspective * Internal Processes Perspective * Learning and Growth Perspective (Kaplan and Norton, 1996) This report will be based on these four perspectives. The balance scorecard will be applied to the IT system proposed to Titlas Ventures Limited. A number of implemental issues will also be looked at. In order for businesses to survive and flourish in this information age, businesses must use measurement and management systems derived from their strategies and capabilities.

    • Word count: 3273
  14. E-Commerce Strategy

    HSBC offers and manages their services through these four main segments: * Personal financial services. * Commercial banking. * Corporate investment banking and markets. * Private banking and other. 1.2 Purpose of Report E-commerce Strategy can be described as plan of action designed to enable organisations stay ahead of its competitors and achieve its business aims and objectives using electronic information technologies on the Internet. So, how does e-commerce really impact the performance and productivity of businesses? The report will attempt to analyse this question whilst answering several related questions along the way, they are listed below; * What are HSBC Missions and Aims?

    • Word count: 3831
  15. Privacy on the web and Identity Theft

    Whatever we browse it will get stored in the browsing history. We can delete the browsing history, cookies, saved password in the system and the web form information. To delete all these things right click from the internet explorer-properties-general-delete all. Once we had given delete all it takes all the browsing history, saved password, cookies and other web form information from the system. In the above internet properties we can delete the files history, cookies, saved password and web form information.

    • Word count: 3681
  16. Disaster Recover Plan

    The key elements are to analyze the risk. First there must be a list of all the possible risks that threaten system uptime and evaluate how imminent they are in your particular IT shop. Anything that can cause a system outage is a threat, from relatively common manmade threats like virus attacks and accidental data deletions to more rare natural threats like floods and fires. Determine which of the hearts are the most likely to occur and prioritize them using a simple system: rank each threat in two important categories, probability and impact.

    • Word count: 586
  17. Analyze Human Resource System for Riordan Manufacturing

    These interviews will allow for a complete understanding of the function for each department. The interviews will be set in advance to allow time for preparation for all parties, and should not take more than one hour of each member's time. Once all interviews have been conducted then a summary of each interview will be created for review during the process of the project. Observation of the working environment will be performed with the express consent of the Director of Human Resources in order to gain an accurate image of what is needed and how normal operation is performed.

    • Word count: 2876
  18. Request For Proposal Example

    2. Organizational Overview NDIT is a collection of strategy consultants focused on IT strategy and Systems Integration Architecture. NDIT has extensive industry experience in the Media and Entertainment space. NDIT is comprised of 35 consultants, each working from a home office. While the group is mainly located in the Los Angeles area, some are distributed around the country. NDIT's customer list includes Warner Bros., NBC/Universal, Fox, Scripps Networks, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Warner Music Group, Helio, Globevison, and many other top names in media. 3. Scope of Services/Materials NDIT wishes to engage a professional training organization to manage our educational transition to Microsoft(r)

    • Word count: 2150
  19. Wireless network security

    Wireless networks are many and diverse but are frequently categorized into three groups based on their coverage range, according to NIST, (2005): Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN), WLANs, and Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN). WWAN includes wide coverage area technologies such as 2G cellular, Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD), Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), LMDS, MMDS and Mobitex. WLAN, representing wireless local area networks, includes 802.11, HiperLAN, and several others. WPAN, represents wireless personal area network technologies such as Bluetooth and IR.

    • Word count: 6383
  20. Federated Search Engine Program: Bringing Relevant Information to your desktop

    The library seeks funding in the amount $ xxx for this program. Setting A.T. Still University With the mission to educate and prepare students to turn into proficient healthcare professionals, the A.T Still University continuously promotes compassion, integrity and ability, while advancing the principles and philosophy of osteopathy. The university is proud of its heritage of being the founding school of osteopathic medicine. The Mesa, Arizona campus, otherwise known as the Arizona School of Health Sciences, was founded in 1995 and with a current enrollment of 1,801 students; it (the college)

    • Word count: 2672
  21. Information of Business

    Certainly, there are some important features that organizations and managers need to know about in order to build and use the Information System successfully. His company had grown rapidly and now has approximately 180 employees. The division of work have then divided into 6 different resources; Accounting, Sales, Financial, Purchasing, Production and Logistics. Each of them has different roles to play in the company. During the past events, Toy Story have created 5 major production lines these include wooden toys, plastic, moulded toys, metal toys, paper games and cards and soft toys. Toy Toob has initially become the child favours.

    • Word count: 2865
  22. Importance of IS

    Such a system can assist managers in analysing problems and producing new products or services. They are multi-dimensional; alongside information technology, the firm's culture, the management and the whole organisation. Consequently, the functioning of information technology within a firm would directly affect the overall system. Furthermore, there are various views on which dimension of information systems is the most important. I believe that they are equally important and for a firm to be successful, the various elements of its information system have to be synchronized.

    • Word count: 2364
  23. Purchase of hardware and software systems to operate the business(TM)s activities and perform accounting functions

    A copy of your actual document and spreadsheet files should accompany the final documentation. Limit: Report - 2000 words, spreadsheets - at least a page Maximum 70 marks, which will be awarded as follows: Introduction: 10 marks Discussion: 30 marks Recommendation: 10 marks Presentation: 10 marks References: 10 marks Please note that the school has strict guide lines to punish any form plagiarism. You must provide in-text reference along with reference list at the end of the assignment. I - INTRODUCTION At first, better to mention that computers have moved into every nook ad cranny of our daily life.

    • Word count: 2231
  24. Research into standards and standardisation in modern communication networks and their implications and applications

    From a commercial and economic point of view "the primary aim of standardisation in the current social and economic context is to help encouraging the free movement of goods. Standardisation will help to remove technical barriers, open up new markets, and enable new economic models. It helps to create economies of scale while at the same time increasing opportunities for product differentiation and competition and services."2 In other words standardisation is a medium for globalisation and harmonisation (through removing trade barriers).

    • Word count: 2699
  25. Design and Implementation of a Multimedia Streaming Server System

    The server incorporates a memory processor as well as network cards so that it can be connected to the network. The server is then connected to a network switch, chosen accordingly for the bandwidth needed (eg. 100mb, 1000mb, multiples of servers), which is connected to one or a series of processors within the company offices. Network switches are available such that they can also serve as a router. These are the most cost effective to use. The third step is to stream past a firewall and to the outside world.

    • Word count: 2691

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