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Internet Privacy and Security

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        Internet Safety and Security

        Internet Safety and Security

        Internet Safety and Security        

        Internet Safety and Security        

As the internet continues to grow, we may never be able to completely protect our privacy especially when it comes to shopping online and social networking sites.  



I chose this topic because it seems to always be in the news and there is also an interesting section about this topic in chapter three in the text.  Whether it has to do with online shopping or social networking sites, it seems like once we make it on the internet, anyone can be located and can be at risk.  Just Google anyone’s name and you may be surprised about what comes up.  If you Google my name, you may find that in 2003, I won a year’s supply of dog food!  A friend found it and I had no idea that it was posted online.

There are so many ways that we lose our privacy on line and the ways we need to protect ourselves and our personal information.  There are so many avenues where our names can end up on line and everyone needs to use caution when sharing any personal information on line.  Even though I do not think we can be completely successful with securing our privacy on line, there are preventative measures that can be taken.  



Chapter I Safey and Security On Line: Will we ever be completely safe?        

Works Cited        

Will we ever be completely safe?

As the internet continues to grow, we may never be able to completely protect our privacy on line especially when it comes to utilizing social networking site, shopping online or by simply surfing the web.  There are also so many potential invasions of privacy while spending time on line.

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Another instance of this took place on May 14, 2009.  Hackers attacked some of Facebook’s 200 million users by successfully gathering passwords from them in a phishing attack. (reuters.com, 2009) A phishing attack is when phishers send out emails that seem to come from a legitimate site such as Ebay, PayPal and other banking institutions where a link is provided.  The email will direct the receiver to update or validate their information after clicking on the provided link and logging in.  These e-mails may sometimes ask to enter more information such as a full name, address, phone number, social security number, and credit card number.Once you enter the username and password, the phisher will have access to your information. (www.techterms.com, 2009)  Once the hackers had the passwords on May 14, 2009, emails were sent to their friends directing them to click on a link.  Once they clicked on the link, they were brought to the log on screen where they actually logged into a fake site designed to look like Facebook but controlled by the hackers.  The purpose of these attacks is usually for identity theft or spam and this one in particular was believed to be for sending spam for pharmaceuticals and other goods.  

Both Facebook and Myspace require senders of messages to be members and hide user information from those who do not have accounts.  Because of this, most users are not as suspicious of messages they receive.  It is important to be aware of hacker activities and the potential of what they can accomplish (www.reuters.com).   It is also very important to avoid clicking on links within messages or posts of people that you don’t know or accept friend requests from unknown people or groups.

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