Film Critique: Fargo

Fargo is a black comedy film directed by Joel Coen. Black comedy can be characterized as a movie that displays a combination of dry humor, extreme violence, and language. Fargo exposes morbid acts, ill-witted speech, and desolate sceneries, through satiric humor.  Each character suffers an irreparable loss, as their actions succumb to irony, and derision. The North Dakota dialect adds comedy relief and the sceneries hint each gruesome act.

Fargo takes the typical-caper-gone-wrong plot and applies a satiric twist.

The film opens in Fargo, North Dakota, where Jerry Lundegaard, Carl Showalter, and Gaear Grimsrud meet to discuss the kidnapping of Jerry’s wife Kristin Rudrud. Jerry, an unsuccessful car salesman, is desperate for a solution to his money problems. He negotiates a car from his lot in addition to 40,000 dollars, for the two crooks, Carl and Gaear to kidnap his wife. Another 40,000 dollars goes to him.  He plans to get the money from his father-in-law Wade Gustafson. So the plan is to simply kidnap Jerry’s wife and then ransom her for 80,000 dollars. Neither she nor anyone else is to be harmed.  Unfortunately the dim-witted crooks, Carl and Gaear, fumble, leaving behind a trail of blood. Marge Gunderson, a cop, is given the task of investigating the murders, unveiling a sad, true based story. The criminals run into one mishap after another and the situation becomes more complicated.

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        All things unbearable in real life are presented very casually in this film. Gaear represented this aspect of the film. He was so nonchalant and executed each devious task while showing no emotion. For example, in one scene, he casually finishes his television lunch, and then suddenly swipes his partner Carl over the head with a shovel.  Another scene shows him meticulously grinding the bodies of Carl and Jerry’s wife Kristin. Even though he is seen by Marge, he still continues to stuff the rest of Carl’s limbs into the wood grinder. Common sense would indicate that if you are ...

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