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New Media Review

QR Codes

What is a QR code?

A QR code is the abbreviated form for Quick Response which are square shaped codes that consist of black modules on a white background.

The first QR code was created in 1994 by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave and was designed to allow its data to be decoded at high speed (Wave, 2010). A QR code is a type of matrix barcode which is now designed to be read by smartphones. The code is smaller than a normal barcode and can store more information (Wave,2010). The information encoded maybe text, a URL or other forms of data.

Functions of QR codes

There are enormous possibilities for using QR code technology and have been growing rapidly in recent years. It is most commonly used in marketing campaigns but more creative uses are being produced for things like social networking and learning purposes.  To scan a QR code you need to download a QR reader application for a smartphone and take a photo of the code with your camera to retrieve the information stored in the code.

Now days QR codes can be found on postcards, T-shirts, store windows, movie posters, business cards, magazines, direct mail pieces and many more other types of advertisements.

Any digital content can be stored on a QR code. When scanning these codes with a smart phone some it can:

  • Direct the users phone to Facebook, Twitter and other websites on the internet
  •  Make a phone call
  • Send a text message, e-mail or vCard
  • Create a calender event
  • Make a purchase
  • Launch a video
  • Download an application
  • Open a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
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and many more.

What makes QR codes interesting ?

QR codes can be worthwhile for business's and corporations which could utilise the codes as a marketing campaign. QR codes are interesting due to its possibilities and are a new way in which data is now being delivered to the public. The codes are being produced on different types of print media and numerous types of digital information can be delivered to the public. These codes are becoming more common and popular in the western world in places like USA , Europe and South Africa (QR codes explained, 2011).


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