Ocean's Eleven (new) vs. Ocean's 11 (old).

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Ocean’s Eleven (new) vs. Ocean’s 11(old)

                  The talented cast of stars of the time in both of these films are what made them stand out and is also what urged people to see them in theatres. From George Clooney’s portrayal in the recent remake of this classic you can see he took some of Sinatra’s acting style in playing Danny Ocean. In each film they used the same method to steal the money, by blacking out Las Vegas, both had a group of eleven men all with similar jobs and tasks in the movie from the electrician to the rich guy played by Elliot Gould in the most recent film. However, due to the new technology in casino security the new film had to be altered in terms of planning and pulling off the job. In Sinatra’s version they used the most high tech tools of their time which was infrared sprays to find the doors when the power went out, but in the remake there were much more elaborate plans in order to pull off the heist.

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                    Starting with the characters in both films, the eleven men each had similar roles in each of the movies, the only major difference being that the old one had all old war buddies of the 82nd airborne take part in the job while the most recent film had a group comprised of a bunch of professional thieves. First the Portrayal of who this movie is named after, Danny Ocean. George Clooney took many of Sinatra’s aspects by being serious but funny to his group of thieves in particular one in each ...

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