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 A job analysis was carried out for the position of Lecturer in the Business School using a range of job analysis techniques.

The tasks for the assignment are to:

Job analysis

The gathered information about the nature of the job and the tasks involved in the job, the purpose, the outputs required and how it fits into the organisation’s structure is derived through job analysis techniques. The skills and personal attributes needed to perform the role effectively are also derived from the use of the job analysis.

CIPD Recruitment guide (2007)

For the Business school lecturer Job analyses, many different approaches and means of data as possible were collected for the best developed analysis. Because the job analysis is worker orientated it is used as an example for defining selection criteria and set assessment centre standards, grouping jobs, identifying career development paths. All job analysis techniques are worker orientated.

Competency profile

Inspires People

Develops relationships by showing respect for others and influencing and challenging students in the right way. Encourages student’s ideas and prompts development.


Ability to communicate both written and orally effectively. Clear and concise towards students and other staff.


To be able to lead and direct students, showing what is expected of students is clearly stated.


To feel comfortable in their authoritative position, able to portray the meaning of the subject in different ways in order for students to understand. To be able to support students needs effectively.

Planning and control

To show ability to plan a suitable schedule of topics, assessments and deadlines, to have effective time management.

Divergent thinking

Having the thought process and correct methods to generate ideas, for creative and problem solving with the use of brainstorming, breaking components into sections for modular analysis.

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Focuses Action

Analyses information to see what will make a difference, then prioritise, plan and make decisions that will make it happen.

Seeks Improvement

Open and supportive of change. Supportive attitude towards students giving them correct direction in improving student’s results.

Drives Results

Approaches tasks with energy and commitment even when under pressure and puts in the effort to make them happen.

The competency profile shows the knowledge, skills, traits, motives, self-image, perception of the role which leads to effective performance (Boyatzis (1982))


The job analysis is worker-orientated with the identified specific characteristics Business ...

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