"Illegal Immigrants and Hospitals".

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George McCrea

Professor Mark O’Connor

English 1302

April 26, 2003

“Illegal Immigrants and Hospitals”

        Many hospitals through out the United States are plagued with many problems that prohibit them from being an effective part of every day life.  When one goes to a hospital, they have all intentions on being treated.  In most scenarios when one goes to a hospital, they are treated.  Hospitals give care to all genders, and race.  There are no restrictions that prohibits a hospital from giving care to a specific race are gender if they are a legal citizen.  Hospitals today are facing the question as to whether are not they should provide service to non-Americans which would consist mostly of illegal aliens, who can not afford to pay the hospital bill.  The World Encyclopedia noted an illegal aliens as “A non citizen living in a country without authorization from the government”(51).  There is a lot of controversy that follows this question in a number of states in the United States.  Texas, which is considered to be a “hot spot” for illegal immigrants, would be a perfect example of one of those states that deals with a lot of illegal immigrants receiving free hospital care.  On a typical day an illegal immigrant or citizen will get hurt, go to the emergency room, receive treatment, go home, and never pay the bill.  So what is the problem?  The problem is that, these illegal immigrants are leading to problems throughout the hospital system.  As a citizen of the states, I must admit that hospitals should not provide care to illegal immigrants.  These actions of hospitals providing care to illegal residents adds to the problem of, a shortage of nurses, overcrowded emergency rooms, and tax payers wasting money.

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        The shortage of nurses throughout the U.S. is becoming a major concern.  In its most recent survey, done in March 2000, the federal Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) found that of the 197,500 licensed registered nurses in New York, only 160,000 or 81 percent were working as nurses. That means 19 percent chose not to practice their profession (Geller).    This trend is migrating across the U.S. in a timely fashion.  Due to the fact that there is a shortage of nurses, hospitals cannot afford to tend to undocumented immigrants.  Enrollment in nursing schools plummeted by 2,500 between 1996 ...

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