Reflective Essay - Discuss core professional issues that underpin inter professional health and social care practice, making reference to your own future profession and to your own personal development

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Course: BANS Nursing Adult

Faculty: Health and wellbeing

University: Sheffield Hallam University

Date of submission: 30th March 2009

Subject: Foundation of Inter Professional Practice

Essay title: Component 2 – Reflective Essay - Discuss core professional issues that underpin inter professional health and social care practice, making reference to your own future profession and to your own personal development.    

Includes Action Plan (after reference list)                                                                                                                                                                                           

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Within this essay there will be an explanation of why communication is very important when working with in the health setting and how reflecting on my own experiences when working with a different group of student professionals can improve my communication skills and how learning vital skills in communications now will make me a more effective communicator when I become a trained staff nurse. Also within this assignment I will explain why it is important to understand different types of barriers in communication.

Professionalism is the way in which a person works in a group, the person will have knowledge of their chosen subject and codes of conduct in which they must follow so everyone is treated equally taking into account their cultural and religious beliefs, so that everyone's dignity is respected. Within the health care profession there are lots of different codes of conduct, but they all stem from the Health Profession Council (HCP), as a student nurse the coving body that I must follow if the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

Communication is vital within the health care profession but in order to be a good communicator you firstly must be able to understand the different components of communications they are verbal, non verbal communication, and written. Verbal communication is when we speak using words, there are many barriers that can arise within the health care setting sometimes one of these being semantic barriers, this is the words that are used within a conversation for example when an uneducated person visits the doctors, and the doctor uses scientific words and therefore the person would not fully understand what they have been told. This shows how when communicating within the health care setting jargon should not be used. Some other barriers with verbal communication can be the dialect, language and tempo. Non verbal communication is everything other than spoken words, this includes paralanguage which is ‘um’ or ‘ah’, the volume of the talking, the pace and accent. Non verbal communication is also the appearance/dress of a person as this can affect how a person communicates within a health care setting, a patient will talk to a nurse about their health in a different way to the cleaner because of the way we dress, and it shows what role we are doing. A very big part of non verbal communication is facial expressions as these are indictors to others about our feelings, attitudes, states of mind and relationships.  Written communication is very important between different health care professions as they pass on messages about the patients within their care, for their problems this can be better than verbal communications as if it is written down then the message will not change as when a message is verbally passed between people it can become distorted, but there are barriers in written communications as if the persons hand writing is unclear or the wrong thing is written down, or the person reading it doesn’t understand the language.

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Even though all three of these ways of communication have problems they all can be an effective way to communicate with others when used in the right way.

In order to understand how communication is effective with a group we need to know how a group is defined, in the oxford dictionary a group is explained as a “lump” or “mass” and this is a good way to describe a group, but a group could be explained as more than one object, to describe a group of people the best way to define it is; two or more individuals according ...

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