Research Awareness. As a student nurse, my research will be searching for articles relating to respect and dignity in end of life care,

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Page 2 –       Intoduction

Pages 3-5 –   Method

Page 6-7 –     Findings

Page 8 –        Reflection

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This assignment will be an individual report, of a search of literature, on the topic of respect and dignity. As the topic of respect and dignity is so broad, I wanted to focus my search on respect and dignity in end of life care. This was chosen as my clinical placement area, has a small number of patients that are for end of life care. I wanted to gain knowledge and develop my understanding on this topic, as this will benefit me in my clinical placement and further on in my nursing career. According to the NMC code of conduct, all nurses and midwives must follow the code, which lays out standards of conduct and ethics, one of which is “make the care of people your first concern, treating them as individuals and respecting their dignity”.(NMC 2010).

Firstly this report will show why research is important to the nursing profession and any other health profession. I will then identify search strategies I used including key words, dates and exclusions. The report will describe the tools I used, such as databases and indexes and why I chose them. Also the report will include my findings on articles that were appropriate to my topic and why I retrieved these articles and also articles I excluded and the reasons why.  And finally included in the report will be a reflection on how I found my search of literature and what I would do differently next time together with what I have learnt.

Research is important to the nursing profession and any other medical and health profession, because it can provide new insights into nursing practice, develop and improve methods of caring and test the effectiveness of care. Significant changes have happened over the years, medical technology has improved which has led to more positive health outcomes and at the same time have raised public expectations of healthcare services.(Gerrish,k and Lacey,A, 2010)There are many ways in which people research, depending on what researchers want to find out, will depend on what type of research to do. As a student nurse, my research will be searching for articles relating to respect and dignity in end of life care, reading these documents, which will improve my understanding and gain knowledge on the subject, also it will make me aware of the positives and negatives towards this topic.

  This assignment will demonstrate step by step how I went from thousands of articles, to pick out 3 articles that were most appropriate to me. Also detailing the search strategies and tools I used and why I chose them. To do this I searched a number of databases in many different ways to find 3 articles which had the correct information for me to achieve this.


To begin my search for literature I chose my key words as “respect and dignity”, as previously mentioned in the introduction, this is a broad subject, so if hundreds of articles were available to me, I then included the extra keywords “end of life care.”  The first database I searched was GOOGLE SCHOLAR, I typed in my keywords “respect and dignity” in the search box, however this was not as successful as I had imagined, articles were quite dated, 10 articles were found with the latest one being from 2004. As part of my research I will benefit more from finding articles which are recent as these will be more up to date. I decided to end my research and not retrieve any articles from GOOGLE SCHOLAR and restarted my search on the databases on the University of Wolverhampton site. To do this I clicked onto “Subject resources” on the student home page, then I had to choose my subject from the indexes, I scrolled down to “Nursing” then from the menu I clicked onto “Databases A-Z”, this then gave me a another selection of indexes to choose from. Electronic databases and indexes allow you to search and cross reference journals using keywords. (Gerrish,k and Lacey,A, 2010). As I am looking for articles relating to respect and dignity in a hospital environment I chose “Nursing and Midwifery” which led to a choice of 11 databases for me to choose from. I first chose the database CINAHL, as this looked simple to use and is a popular database to be used by the University. With this database I decided to use Boolean searches also known as Boolean operators, this allowed me to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, to widen or limit my search.(BBC, 2011). I entered the keywords “respect and dignity” which gave me 489 hits, I then added extra keywords “end of life care”, and this gave me 31 hits. For me to get the number of hits down even more I chose to add another word “promoting”, this gave me 3 articles. I quickly skimmed through the following articles and decided to save them.

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  • Article 1 – Promoting respect and dignity at the end of life. (Chapman, 2010).
  • Article 2 – Terminal Sedation: Promoting ethical nursing practice. (Gallagher, A. and Wainwright, P, 2007)
  • Article 3 – Assistance to patients at the end of life. (Marty, 2005)

I decided to leave reading the articles in more depth until I had a wider selection of articles. I continued my search back onto the “nursing and midwifery” databases, I clicked on to the HMIC (Health Management Information Consortium) database. At first it looked complicated to use, I did decide to go off this database; however ...

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