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Compare the work of a woman artist in the 1970's with one from the period 1990-2004.

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Module: Gender in Art, Architecture and Design Module Code: HA3200 Compare the work of a woman artist in the 1970's with one from the period 1990-2004. It was not until 1970 when the cotemporary feminist art movement emerged. Women Artists believed that art could help change social and political views. This notion is still central in many feminist artists work today1. Judy Chicago a feminist artist from the 1970, is well known for her controversial Dinner party installation 1979, which started off public relations to women's issues in body imagery in art history2. Louise Walsh is a feminist artist during the period 1990 till present, her work plays with the power of art and it tries to change the society and women's status in society. Judy Chicago and Louise Walsh are both feminist artists, however their art work are from different periods. Throughout I will be comparing both artists work examining the similarities and differences of their work. Since the 1970's, Judy Chicago has been known as an out spoken and visible activist for feminist change3. In 1971 Chicago had organised the first feminist art course at California State college at Fresno, and her autobiography Through the flower and the Dinner party are the indicators of the feminist art movement in a America4. ...read more.


The Menstruation Bathroom may look unpleasant, however menstruation is what makes a woman a women, without menstruation there is no form of reproduction, it is a form of women's identity. In comparison of Chicago's Menstruation Bathroom to Walsh's work of the memorial project, the two pieces of work are very different in meaning and expression. The Menstruation Bathroom is very controversial where as the Memorial project is not. The Memorial project is about what happens as time moves on and how life takes you from childhood to death14 fig3. Walsh's work focuses on life with male and female and by also looking at feminist aspects in her other work. The Memorial project is as sculpture, the shape is a beehive. It was designed for people to put messages into a ceremony each year15. Walsh worked with a poet while designing her project to evolve a story about the fight against drugs. Walsh stated that her piece of work was a listening piece as an attempt to make an articulation of what she was hearing16. Fig3 Chicago's Menstruation Bathroom and Walsh's Memorial project both express different subject matters; however both pieces of work are emphasizing important subjects. In comparison to size the Menstruation bathroom is a life size piece of a bathroom filled with menstruation objects, where as the Memorial Project is a small scale piece. ...read more.


Both artists are concerned with women's rights, sexuality and femininity. However Judy Chicago's work is more controversial than Louise Walsh's work. Walsh is known for her life size energetic figures, which is challenging conventional depictions of women23, where as Chicago is well known for her controversial work of the Dinner party. Both artists use a wide variety of materials in their work; however the majority of Walsh's work is sculpture. Chicago experiments with and uses different kinds of materials to accentuate the meaning and messages of the work. Walsh's Memorial Project is remarkably different to Chicago's work. I already mentioned that the Memorial Project is not emphasizing sexuality of a female or a male, however Walsh seems to be emphasizing time and how it moves humans from childhood to death. Chicago is older than Walsh and has experimented more with different forms than Walsh. However both artists do examine the women's role in society. Chicago and Walsh both use or try to use the power of art to change the self and society in their work. Chicago is an American artist and Walsh is an Irish artist, however the idea of femininity is present in both their work, for the women has always been mans shadow throughout different cultures. There is not much difference between Chicago's and Walsh's work except for the style and use of materials. The theme of femininity runs through Chicago's and Walsh's work and will probably continue to. ...read more.

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