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Business Assessmen accounting and finance

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Business Assessment - Accounting and Finance I have read the information of three companies, which are Monsoon Plc, Instore Plc and Ryanair Holdings Public Limited Company. Moonsoon plc is engaged in the sale of women's and children's clothing and accessories, home ware and gifts. As of May 2006, the Company had 397 outlets in the United Kingdom and Eire: 146 Monsoon; 151 Accessorize; 96 Dual stores, and four concessions. Instore Plc is the retailing of toiletries, household goods, clothing, toys, confectioneries, footwear, cameras and electrical goods. It is a United kingdom-based retail company. The Company's principal activity is variety retailing conducted through a countrywide network of outlets aims to become the number one destination shop for mothers and their families. Ryanair Holdings Plc operates a low-fare scheduled passenger airline serving short-haul, point-to-point routes in Europe. The Company offers approximately 600 scheduled short-haul flights per day serving 24locations in United Kingdom and Ireland, and 107 locations in continental Europe with an operating fleet of 92 aircraft flying a total 266 routes. ...read more.


Ryanair Holdings Plc Financial Information Year 4 ago Year 3 ago Year 2 ago Year 1 ago Latest Change from year 4 to the latest Turnover � m 302 382.3 581.1 715.8 920.4 � �618.4m (204.8%) Operationg Profit � m 70.6 -18.7 181.7 165.9 225.4 ��154.5m (219.3%) Profit margin 25.32% 27.62% 31.40% 21.27% 22.14% v3.18% (-12.6%) From the above table, it shows that the turnover from year 4 to year 3 has increased from �302m to �382.3m; it has increased by � 80.3m. From year 3 to year 2, it has increased from �382.3m to �581.1m, increased by �198.8m. From year 2 to year 1, it has increased from �581.1m to �715.8m, increased by �143.7m. And from year 1 to the latest, it has increased from �715.8m to �920.4m, increased by �204.6m. Overall, the turnover from year 4 ago to the latest has boomed by �618.4m which means it has increased 204.8%. ...read more.


- As Ryanair, Europe's biggest no-frills airline, has bought 10 more Boeing jets. It takes to delivery of Boeing 737-800s in 2008; �380m deal is part of planned expansion to fly even more routes to new destinations. Ryanair's no fuel surcharge guarantee is widening gap between low fares and higher prices of fuel surcharging competitors. It driving demand and attracting millions of additional customers to Ryanair. - Ryanair is adding 10 new routes from Nottingham East Midlands Airport, creating 150 jobs. From February 2007, passengers will be able to fly to three new destinations in Spain, two in Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Sardinia, Scotland and Ireland. - Ryanair is extending its operation at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport with 11 new destinations. Routes to Santiago, Inverness, Wroclaw, Aberdeen, Kaunas and Ancona. A further five routes - Poznan, Krakow, Tampere, Alghero and Santander. The expansion of the company indicates that the Ryanair Holdings Plc will increase their profit and make sustained improvements in the next years. ?? ?? ?? ?? Carmen Lao ...read more.

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