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Communication within Mars

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Communication within Mars Communication in any business is very important people need to keep in contact with suppliers, customers, employees, and all people involved with Mars. All companies need to have good communication that is good and clear so that everyone is clear about the objectives. That there is a smooth and accurate communication both within the organisation and between the organisation and other individuals, bodies and groups. This is internal and external communication. Everyone in the organisation is informed of developments and changes and that ideas and views are clearly heard, and that new ideas can make their way up the organisation. So that people within the organisation don't feel frustrated and that Mars members can respond quickly to new development and change. The process of communication involves a transmitter sending message sot a receiver. The information sent form the transmitter should be in terms the receiver will understand. This might involve visual, oral, or audio messages. This is called encoding a particular medium to use to send messages to the receivers letter, report, fax, email, websites, etc. the receivers interpret the messages through decoding. Good communication is essential if Mars is to operate effectivley. The process of communication is shown below. There are numerous communication channels within the Mars which are listed below, these are inernal and external, formal and informal, upward and downward, and finally open and restricted, these all have an effect on the quality of communication. These channles of communication help Mars to achieve their objectives. 2.6a Types of Communication Verbal Written Visual Face to face Adverts Body language Telephone Newspapers Video -Videophone Statements and reports conferencing Presentation Notices Posters Meetings and Seminars E-mails Sign language Walky talky catalogues T�l�vision Audio cassettes Fax Internet Interviews Letters C-Fax Invoices DVD File transfer EDI Websites There are four forms of communication that are used. These are technological, verbal, written and non-verbal. ...read more.


Mars can cut down on lost time through slow communication, or any time consuming searches such as file searching. Process complex information-computers in Mars process and communicate complex information. They quickly identify departments within the organisation that could threaten the business objectives. Mars can easily analyse the market opportunities or problems caused by changes in the government's economic policies. The earlier these problems and changes are found, the earlier Mars can take action upon them. Administrative support-Mars can increase their productivity with the use of electronic word processing and specialist software packages for purchasing, stock control, orders and a range of accounting procedures. Computer communications reduce time taken to communicate through departments and therefore, able Mars to meet customer requirements more efficiently. Mars computerised administrative system also helps reduce errors made in communications. Increase job satisfaction-this is by reducing the amount of time spent by Mars employees on repetitive and routine processes to communicate information. All employees data can be assessed by computer and also wider areas of information needed. Collecting information at source-computer technology allows Mars to collect information close to the source of an operation. Mars use computers to manufacture and process information in stock control e.g. monitoring levels of material and if it is low, orders can be automatically triggered. Mars can communicate through their various offices around the world. Communicating via the internet-Mars uses the internet to communicate with its consumers. Mars have a number of websites world wide, which includes much of their product information and new launches. Technology methods make communication within Mars more reliable, more targets are achieved, quicker and more accessible, more convenient and more versatile. Internet-every computer within Mars is connected unto the net and therefore can communicate with anyone around the world. This is a vital piece of technology for Mars as they operate as a business globally and need to communicate with all of their sites. ...read more.


An obscene thought in modern business so Technology and proper Communications have allowed Mars to be a global company. Externally Mars' communication uses have provided all there customers with a better way of finding out what happens to the service and also provides more business for Mars because more customers can get in touch. ICT has affected Mars incredibly because its a business services company and nearly all business are on some kind of computer and a network this provides a easy method of communication and a way to transfer data very quickly from office to office or business to business with no mistakes on a correctly working network. The benefit of this is that the data is correct and immediately sent to the wanted place with no people in-between to create transcription errors. There is also no time used to input the data into their system because the customer has already done this. The personnel segment has a big need for this because they have a recruiting area, which has a need to find suitable employees fast, and could not do this with a terrestrial filing system. Without ICT systems the personnel segment of Mars would not exist, or there would only be the training part of Mars who just run courses in business needs. Externally the Impact of ICT for Mars has not been such a big thing for them, obviously they have increased sales slightly because of websites but the full use of external communication using ICT is that the customers have more ways to contact them and keep up-to-date with the service. Telephones have meant all segments are linked and that the people in Sales can easily talk to those in the Warehouse. This means mistakes can easily be corrected or that the orders can be implemented efficiently. The main impact of ICT is the time saving that has meant they are able to do more and the free time they have saved is used in processing more orders, which has meant an increase in sales and profit margins. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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