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Data Protection Act.

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Data Protection Act: Any organisation that holds or processes personal information must be registered to the Data Protection Act. The Data protection Act means that a company holding personal information cannot pass on personal details and the data must be kept secure. There are 8 principles that state that data must be obtained and used lawfully. Ways of protecting information: * Passwords * Lock the room * ID cards * Alarms * Back ups * Secure computer * Anti virus software * Firewalls The only companies that do not have to comply with the Data Protection Act is police, tax office and National security agencies. Methods of Communication Method Internal/External Advantages Disadvantages Post - Letters External Traditional method which everyone is familiar with. ...read more.


This is a good and efficient system because it is easy to use and very cheap but anyone can use it and you need no training. This system does have problems including the loss of information and mistakes that can occur. Even though anyone can use it only one person can use it at a time and to search for information on a book takes longer and harder. Paper based sources: * Encyclopaedia ~ arranged by topics in alphabetical order * Dictionaries ~ show spellings and their definitions in alphabetical order * Newspaper & magazines ~ daily, up to date * Yellow pages ~ used to find suppliers and other businesses which are arranged by type e.g. all TV repair companies together. * Brochures Transferring the information can be done by scanning into a computer, E-mail or photocopy. ...read more.


based information you can use floppy disk or a CD ROM, send files by E-mails, download files from the internet. CD ROM's contain fixed information so they are not up to date but are checked to make sure they are correct. The internet has up to date data but you cannot be sure that it is always reliable. Searching and refining searches: If you want to make sure you have relevant information being given to you and not just hundreds of thousands of links that you might not need, you have to refine your search by being more specific to reduce the no. of web pages. You can use speech marks to search for a particular phrase in a website and if you type your search in lower case the computer will look for those words in any case in the websites. I.C.T Revision ...read more.

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