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Electronic business

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Unit 4: Electronic business. Assignment 3 Istanbul Grill is a takeaway shop on Wokingham Road in Reading specialising in foods such as Turkish foods like gyro kebabs (both lamb and chicken), Adana kebabs and other takeaways like fish, chicken and chips. Istanbul Grill is owned and run by a family and they are a sole trader but also a franchise. Because the Istanbul Grill I'm going to be studying is a franchise, the one I am going to be investigating is located on Wokingham road, actually on 77 Wokingham Rd, Reading. Berkshire. RG6 1LH. The idea of having a website might not sound too good to them due to shortage of money and ability to own a website. ...read more.


Legal. There are some legal issues that any business hoping to open a website must consider are they include the trade describtion act, data protection act, disability discrimination act, distance selling act. The data protection act is about the personal information of customers held by the business and what the businesses are allowed to do to the information they have so therefore if Istanbul Grill decides to keep information about their customers, they will have to abide to these rules which are: * The information they hold in personal data should be obtained, and personal data shall be processed, fairly and lawfully. * Personal data should be held only for specified lawful purposes. * Personal data held for any purpose should not be disclosed in any manner incompatible with that purpose the customers are aware of. ...read more.


A distance contract is one where there has been no face to face contact between the consumer and a representative of Istanbul Grill. So therefore if Istanbul Grill are to sell their goods to consumers by: * the internet * digital television * mail order, including catalogue shopping * phone * fax Then they will need to know about the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. The key features of the regulations are: * Istanbul Grill must give consumers clear information including details of the goods offered, delivery arrangements and payment, their details and the consumer's cancellation right before they buy (known as prior information) * They must also provide this information in writing * The consumer has a cooling-off period of seven working days. If Istanbul Grill fails to meet these requirements, they will be facing the risk of being prosecuted which could create a bad image for them. ...read more.

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