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Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using professional agencies in ensuring promotional success.

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´╗┐Asid Ashraf Unit 9 Creative Product Promotion: M2: Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using professional agencies in ensuring promotional success. Advantages: They have creative and artistic resources, they can provide access to these resources more cheaply or for short term requirements, they provide an independent view of your product, they may have better information on demographics across a broader region of the country or internationally, they can normally buy advertising at rates lower than individual companies can, they give you someone to sue if it is screwed up. Use of professional agency can place your product in the correct market category for gaining more and more population. These companies know where the company?s ads should be placed so that their ads will get maximum market exposure. ...read more.


It is easy to work with promotional team when you are all in the same location. Communicating like this is also a lot easier. Disadvantages: They take things out of your control such as delivery schedule, they can be more expensive, they can have a conflict if they also advertise for your competition, and they may not fully understand your product value or your customers as well as you. It is expensive and beside that, you are playing the agency?s games instead of your own. Another disadvantage is the communication factor. When a agency don?t communicate or relay the clients goals and creative wishes, than probably problems can come within a contract and it can become bigger and bigger till the lawyers may have to become involved. ...read more.


the recession happening an advertising agency is not an affordable option for some companies. To set up a whole new department in an organisation would cost a huge amount of money for a company who is on a small budget. Unclear Expectations: The Agency has to be clear and concise about what they are trying to achieve e.g. they may want to increase market share by attracting new customers and lowering prices. Low priority: Less expertise can result in that advertising agency may have big clients such as British Airways or Tesco. The better resources an people might be distributed to the big clients. Lack of creativity: The agency might have done a previous campaign for a client who has a similar product. Perhaps this was a huge success. A lack of inspiration can result in to a poor product and then there is no success for the campaign. ...read more.

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