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The functional areas that are involved in M & S:

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M3 Based on your poster, write an analysis of how the different functional activities you have identified help your chosen business to achieve its aims and objectives. The company that I have chosen is M & S and their aims are: o To make profit o To expand o To increase market share o To attract more customers The functional areas that are involved in M & S: Personnel Department: They are responsible for: o Monitoring and training staff. o Recruitment of staff. o Deciding on the salaries, bonuses, promotions and benefits. This department helps to achieve the aim of making a profit as within M & S the Personal department takes care of the customer services and all the enquirers that the customers have by providing their customers with trained staff that are hard working and motivated to work. If the staff work properly and satisfy the customers the business may also expand as they will be making good profit. The personnel department also needs to monitor their staff from time to time so that they know where their staffs stands and if training is needed they would be able to know in which areas the staff need to be trained so that they can carry out their tasks properly. This will help to achieve the aim of attracting customers as customers will know that they can get the good service from M & S. ...read more.


helps to identify their target market and their needs so then the business will be able to provide their customers with what they want meaning that they are making a profit as sales will be taking place, then if sales are taking place it means that at a stage the business will be making a profit meaning that they can expand, if the business expands then shareholders are interested as this means that the business is doing good and then the they will buy shares meaning increase market share. The marketing and the sales department are linked to other departments as they need to tell the production department what to make and how many to make so that they are able to sell those goods. They also are linked to the finance department as the finance department has to give their staff wages in order to keep the staff motivated so that they are working towards achieving the business targets. The human resource department are also linked with these departments as they need to train the staff for them so that the staff can do their tasks correctly and know what they are doing which would help in satisfying the customers meaning that these department help achieve the aim of attracting customers. Production They are responsible for: o Producing goods Producing goods help achieve the aim of making a profit because if they make products that are of good quality but at a cheaper price many customers will buy the product and it will also help to attract customers. ...read more.


So the production department tells the purchasing department what they need and then the purchasing department buys those raw materials; this makes the purchasing department to be linked with the finance department as well as the finance department will need to give the purchasing department the money to go and buy the products; this helps the business to achieve the aim of attracting customers as they are helping the production department to produce quality goods which the customers will want to buy. R&D: They are responsible for: o Designing the product, This helps M & S to achieve the target of making profit as the designs of the products will be attractive and will help the business to sell those products meaning that they will be making profit. The Research and development department and the production department are linked together as they need to give information to each other on how to create the designs so that it can be sold and also the Research and development department needs to guide the purchasing department to design the product when producing them. The research and development department are also linked to the finance department as the finance department need to pay the research and development staff good wages because they are the main team that help increase sales and if they are paid good then it will hep to motivate them and they will work towards achieving the aim of attracting customers by making the designs more attractive. ?? ?? ?? ?? Samina Ahmad. BTEC National Diploma in Business Unit 1: Introduction to business 1 Katharine Dent ...read more.

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