I will compare and contrast organisational structure and functional areas in BP and Xercise4Less.

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Over the summer I completed a six week internship at BP and also had the opportunity to look at a smaller business Xercise4Less. I am now going to write a report where I will compare and contrast organisational structure and functional areas in BP and Xercise4Less.

There are many differences in organisational structure between BP and Xercise4Less.  Xercise4less are a small UK private company with a flat hierarchy with a few people in each department. Compared to BP who are a worldwide public limited company with a tall hierarchy including a board of directors and directors for each department; something Xercise4less wouldn’t have.  Xericise4less started in Leeds and after their success have opened 20 gyms around the UK and plan to open many more in the near future. They have a board of directors and departments within the gyms with a small number employees due to their small scale. In comparison, BP operate in over 80 countries with approximately 17,200 retail stores with over 84,500 employees amongst departments around the world which is significantly larger than Xercise4less. Despite being very different in size both companies have supportive roles which are similar although have a difference in employees.

In BP they have certain support roles including, Reception, Post, Administrator, Finance, IT, Security, Marketing, Personal Assistant, Maintenance/cleaners, Customer Service, Human resources. In contrast Xercise4Less have less support roles because they are a smaller business and do not need to make use of all of them. However, Xercise4less will also have departments that BP do not have because of the different sector they work in. Xercise4less works in the health sector compared to BP who work in the energy and natural resources sector.  The support roles in Xercise4Less are Membership Consultant, Reception, Housekeeper, Personal Trainer, Maintenance, Purchase Lodger Clerk, Human Resources, Customer Service and Social Media Assistant. There are similar roles in both businesses but their job roles will be specific to the business and won’t be the same to other organisation with the same roles.

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Reception at BP usually located in the front of buildings. They will receive or greet any visitors, take telephone calls, send emails and to help staff with problems they may have, such as finding the location to something. Xercise4Less reception will be accountable for all head office reception duties including answering the telephone and transferring calls, arranging refreshments, sorting and distributing post and providing general support to managers.  They will be the first point of contact for visitors of the gym. Reception is similar in most organisations. However, there are slight differences in BP and Xercise4Less. Reception at BP will ...

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