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This project will attempt to strengthen the business for the company Langmeads and Charlesworth.

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Identify This project will attempt to strengthen the business for the company Langmeads and Charlesworth. The company Langmeads and Charlesworth, is an accountancy firm, that is owned by two business partners, Mr KD Shah, and Mr EAK Lester. They own 1 office, which is located in Hampton, Middlesex. They already have international clients, but they would like more. They would like people to see the services Langmeads and Charlesworth has to offer. What happens now is that if anyone would like to see Langmeads, they would have to travel to the office at Langmeads and Charlesworth and ask for an information leaflet. This does not cost them any money, but could do something to make this better. Many other accountancy firms do this, and Langmeads and Charlesworth would like to stand out from the rest. The problem with this system is it is very time consuming for people to chase up Langmeads and Charlesworth when other firms may be nearer to them. ...read more.


Hyperlinks can also be used to take people to different internet sites, or other places in the presentation. Another way is to use an overhead projector to have a presentation. A date can be set each month, where representatives of different companies come to Langmeads and Charlesworth, and view a show done with overhead transparencies. The best way to solve the problem of Mr Lester and Mr Shah will be to set up a new system using a computer. I have decided to use a computer because: * Computers can store large amounts of data in a small space. * There is already a range of computers that can be used (there are some at the office in which there is Office 2000 where there are a range application packages) I have decided to do this using an application package because: * Application packages can be changed and customised to suit the needs of the user * I have learned about different application packages. ...read more.


There are 8 PCs all connected in a network 5 of these computers are exactly the same. They have: * A Pentium III 750MHz Processor * Windows 98 operating system * 32 MB of RAM * A 10Gb hard disk with 4.6Gb of free space * A floppy disk drive and a CD-ROM Drive * It has MS Office 2000 Standard. This has Word 2000 and Excel 2000, but does not have PowerPoint * 1 USB port Hub The other three are better computers. They have * A Pentium 4 one GHz Processor * Windows XP operating system * 64Mb of RAM * A 40Gb hard disk with 27.5Gb of free space * A floppy disk drive, a CD-Rom drive, an a DVD drive * The software package is Windows XP Professional. This has PowerPoint 2000, Word 2002, and a Microsoft Works Suite 2001 package, which contain other software * Broadband internet Choice of Software I have already mentioned that I will use presentation software to make a slideshow. I ...read more.

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