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Unit 3 'ICT and society'

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Unit 3: ICT and Society Read and make notes on pages 293-300 of the GCSE Applied ICT textbook. Public access to the Internet In order for the members of the community to gain the benefits of the Internet, they need to have access to it. This might not be possible in some areas where few people can afford computer equipment. In many of these communities, offering people free or very cheap access to the Internet has solved the problem. Access is obtainable at public places such as shopping centers, libraries, community centers, etc. This type of access is ideal for people who do not have access to the Internet at home or at work. Cybercaf�s Cybercaf�s are coffee shops that also offer computing facilities. You can access the Internet, scan in material, print out material (sometimes in colour) and have a coffee and a cake while you are doing it. Cybercaf�s are springing up in all the major towns and cities in the UK and they provide comfortable surroundings in which to use computers. You can find Cybercaf�s in many public places such as high streets, shopping centers, libraries, airports, train stations, etc. They provide a cheap way of accessing the Internet. Many Cybercaf�s, though, have quite old hardware and software, so it is not always possible to read the latest websites or even pick up all e-mail attachments. Public transport and travel information The Internet provides a huge store of information about public transport. ...read more.


Kiosks are also used to provide points where tourists can get information such as maps, places to visit and accommodation details. Information kiosks often make use of touch screens. Information on touch screen http://www.magictouch.com/applications.htm http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/bltouch.htm. Finding a venue If you decide to go on a night out you might need to consult the local paper to find out what's on. If you don't have one, then you would access the Internet for details of concerts, plays, gigs, films, etc. You could find out where the events are and their start times. Many websites also allow you to book tickets on-line using your credit card. Information services in libraries Many libraries offer on-line access to a newspaper and journals database called INFOTRAC. This allows users to search and access 40 newspaper titles and over 6,000 journal titles. As well as the current issues, you can access past issues too, so this database is a very good source of information. The National Health Service (NHS) The National Health Service provides free healthcare of everyone in the UK. To provide a suitable level of care requires a lot of money. Any money the NHS saves can be used to employ more doctors and nurses and to take up the latest treatments. NHS Direct online is a new website that provides information on non-serious conditions such as coughs, colds, sore throats, etc. Doctors spend a lot of time with patients who have non-serious conditions that would clear up by themselves after couple of days. ...read more.


The global position system enable the taxi office to pinpont a taxi that is free and nearest to the caller. Satellite position systems sailing, airplane, air traffic comtrol companies By using satellite positioning system, the position of a airplane, a taxi or even a person can be easily found. What are the advantages of using this technology? With the above Information and Communication Technology accessible to community, communication has become much easier. Community people can live in the global village irrespective of distance and boundaries. Communication is also much more quick and convenient. As most of the data in the above technology stays in electronic format, it increases the accuracy and the speed of finding the information. It also greatly reduces the use of paper. On-line discussion forums give people chances to express their ideas and opinions freely. Are there any disadvantages to using this technology? ICT facilities can be expensive for community as well. Some communities may not be able to afford them even if they could like to have certain facilities. What's more, in some public places, the hardware and software used can be quite old and slow. Another disadvantage is that if the network link goes down, the two parties cannot send or receive data, communication can be stopped or delayed. Staff working in community needs lots of training to catch up the development of the technology. Employers should also pay attention to the Health and Safety Regulation to make sure their employees work in a healthy environment. All the legislations and Acts concerning with ICT should be followed. ...read more.

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