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Virgin Atlantic marketing. When marketing , Virgin Atlantic use a wide range of marketing techniques. There advertising activity in the UK includes TV coverage , press , magazines, outdoor billboard, taxi sides , all of these feature their distinctive log

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Marketing (Market Research) Marketing is any part of a company they need to find out what the target market is going to be , what the consumers wants. Marketing is a concept, where the customers are the most important part of any business. The business should always however put the customer first, as this is what keeps them loyal by finding out what they want. Marketing is a formal part of any business, the use of marketing is a vital technique for example advertising. The marketing process * Market research * Product development * Getting the price right * Getting the promotion right * Getting the product in the right place Market research - why? Many businesses will use market research; they will then go on to use this to: * Find the target market * Find the market for the particular product * Know what the consumer wants * Know what the consumer want to pay * Find out what features the product should have * Find the size of the market ( mass / niche ) * See if the market for the product is growing or shrinking. Virgin Atlantic has found this is what their customers want and put them into place by doing market research. Also through market research they have found who their customers are. The percentage of Virgin Atlantic's predominately travelling using upper class is males between 35-45 and currently earning �50K+ per year. Also their passengers using premium economy are split fairly evenly between travelling for leisure and for business. Passengers travelling using economy are on a much broader group which travel mainly for leisure and are spread evenly across economic groups and ages. When marketing , Virgin Atlantic use a wide range of marketing techniques. There advertising activity in the UK includes TV coverage , press , magazines, outdoor billboard, taxi sides , all of these feature their distinctive logo, the flying lady. ...read more.


Virgin Atlantic is a large company and so they will have many products. Some of these are: * The Virgin Atlantic Product - Upper Class Suite * Upper Class * Premium Economy Class * Economy Class * Virgin Atlantic's new facilities at T3, London Heathrow * Upper Class airport lounges * Special features for children & infants * Passengers with special needs Medical Equipment available onboard * Flying Without Fear * Loyalty Programmes - Flying club Through market research Virgin Atlantic have found and now offer a fun and innovative product, which includes a high quality service and is convenient for their customer. They do this by offering flights worldwide in three distinct classes. These are: * Upper class * Premium economy * Economy By doing this they are making sure that can appeal to everyone. For example within all of the flight classes they will have different features which appeals to the people who have chosen to fly using that class. An example of this is in upper class Virgin Atlantic will give their customers a complimentary limo service on both sides of the Atlantic, in flight beauty therapy , personal 10.4 inch video screens, a sleep service ( which includes pyjamas , full size pillows , duvets and blankets ) and also on board a stand up bar . In premium economy they will give their customers a dedicated check in desk, up to 6 inches extra of leg room, pre-flight champagne, fast track priority service through immigration borders and a separate cabin. Finally in economy customers get a television with up to 43 channels of movies, music and games, a choice of three meals including a vegetarian option, ice cream during movies and a children's service (this includes K-if backpacks, TV channels and special meals.) Price Price is an important part of the 4p`s of marketing . For Price Virgin Atlantic must decide how to price their flights and all their products, as this will influence their profit and loss. ...read more.


Team formation Team formation refers to the 4 stages that are used to create a good team. The four stages of team formation are : * formatation * storming * norming * performing the formation stage is where team members will meet and sometimes express their expectations and concerns about what they are doing. As a team they will often set goals and identify members strengths and discuss weaknesses. In more successful teams each member comes to feel that they are now starting to become part of the team and that their particular talent or skills are needed or valued. During the forming stage they must know why they are participating, what they are gaining and what they have to offer. The storming stage is the most diffuclt stage to get through as confilt , disagreement and personalities clash. Very little communication occurs because no one is listening and there are some members of the team in this stage ares till unwilling to talk openly. The team during this stage might also set goals which are unrealistic as the team can not reach a comprimise. The norming stage is where the conflict has been resolved and harmoney among the team members emerges. Now in this stage the team will start to feel more comtftable around each other and will feel more secure to express their views. The most important improvement from the last stage is that people start liostening to each other. Team members will now decide on who will have the power in the team , who is the leader and what all other team members roles are. The performing stage is when a team is able to perform and be able to work effectivaly and productivly. When a team has reached the fourth stage they can be considered a real team. All team members will be honest with one another and will work as one unit. The teams effectiveness show now be much higher than what it was before in the storming stage. 1. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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