McDonalds Marketing Analysis. Explain the marketing techniques used by a given organisation and analyse how and why these techniques have been chosen.

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Introduction to Marketing


In this assignment I will explain the marketing techniques used by a given organisation and analyse how and why these techniques have been chosen. The marketing techniques I will talk about are SWOT and PESTLE analysis and also the Marketing Mix. The organisation I have chosen for the purpose of this assignment is McDonalds.

a) PESTLE analysis

Marketers use PESTLE analysis to investigate the outside environment in which an organisation is operating.

SWOT analysis

A common approach by marketers is to use SWOT analysis to draw together all the evidence from the various analytical techniques used. It is a way of producing a summary which then provides the basis for developing marketing objectives or aims and ultimately strategies or plans.

Marketing mix

The marketing mix provides an excellent framework for developing marketing plans. The marketing mix is considered to be made up of four parts price, place, product and promotion.

Source: BTEC national business book 1, 2nd edition, etal David Dooley

Now I will explain how marketing techniques have been used by McDonalds.


Political factors

McDonalds have used PESTLE analysis to identify ways in which their business is affected by the outside environment in which a business is operating. PESTLE helps McDonalds to identify the political policies such as the national minimum wage and the amount of tax McDonalds has to pay this can help to identify McDonalds profit and it’s values.

Economical factors

Also McDonalds may look at the performance of their organisation and how it is affected by the economy in a good way or a bad way as all economies go through cycles of prosperity which means that McDonalds can identify the demand for their products etc.

Social factors

The social factor can help to identify the characteristics of the society this helps McDonalds to identify the people of the society’s values and beliefs, this method also states information about size, age, gender and income levels and this can determine how the business prices their products and where to locate their stores as this contains key information about their target audience.

Technological factors

The technological factor is nowadays affecting every organisation as the internet is becoming and increasingly popular way of buying and selling however McDonalds do not sell over the internet as they sell fast food however McDonalds do have a website where you can view all their products and you can find out information about their products and company history etc over the internet.

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Legal factors

The legal factor constantly changes as the government is always introducing new laws as this can affect how their business is run e.g. the government may decide to make a law stating fast food company must clearly display their nutritional information on their menu so that they are of what their eating this means McDonalds has to adjust and react accordingly and comply.

Environmental factors

The environmental factor helps McDonalds to identify ways in which the organisation can become environmentally friendly such as using recycled paper bags and using solar machinery ...

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***** The writer follows an excellent structure and applies the information to McDonalds well. McDonalds do provide a great deal of useful information and the writer has not accessed all of this. What they have found out they use well.