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Look at an extended part of "Too Much Punch for Judy".

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Workshop5- The Development The second part of workshop5 was to look at an extended part of "Too Much Punch for Judy". We were given a true piece of information that occurred after the original play. " A hard hitting Documentary Play telling the true life story of a girl who kills her sister in a drink/drive related incident. Ten years later she went on to be responsible for another death in a road accident where she was not only drunk but had Cannabis in her bloodstream." Using the original style in which "Too Much Punch for Judy" is written our group devised an ending to the play based on the information just given. In this we used flashback, monologue and crosscutting. The fact that we used these three techniques meant that we could enhance the performance by using the drama medium and the elements of drama. As we used cross-cutting we had 3 people often playing one character to make sure that we put this across we used the same costumes, for example, Judy in the past was wearing the same as Judy in the present. ...read more.


= Johnny Mother3 = Nicola Boyfriend = Johnny Jo = James Brother = James Father = Johnny Friend = Linda Spoken Thought 1 = James Spoken Thought 2 = Nicola Spoken Thought 3 = Linda Spoken Thought 4 = Johnny Judy is standing centre stage. The other characters are in a line behind her with their backs to the audience. Spoken Thought 1: (Circles around Judy) What have I done? I've killed two people. (Stands to the right of Judy facing audience) Spoken Thought 2: (Circles around Judy) I'm so stupid I didn't even think about any of the consequences! (Stands to the right of Judy facing the audience) Spoken Thought 3: (Circles around Judy) Who will forgive me now? I've ruined everything. (Stands to the left of Judy facing the audience) Spoken Thought 4: (Circles around Judy) I wish I could change things but I can't. (Stands to the left of Judy facing the audience) Spoken Thoughts now Frozen. Judy: (Speaking to the audience) ...read more.


Judy: (Speaking to the audience) But that wasn't enough for me. I had to go and do the same to my boyfriend. I was too drunk to know what I was doing. I killed him, just as I was getting my life back together. (Judy looks to her left and freezes) Judy3: (Crying) I'm so, so sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen! Mum help me please! Mother2: I can't help you and I cannot forgive you, you've gone to far. The two characters then freeze. Judy: (Speaking to the audience) Everyone has turned away from me, and who would blame them, I'm Responsible for two deaths. Two people that I loved.... Gone. The characters behind Judy become active. Mother3: Judy I cannot forgive you for what you have done. (Turns so her back is to the audience) Judy: Mum.... Brother: Your no family of mine, what were you thinking. (Turns so his back is to the audience) Judy: No... Friend: You disgust me, two innocent lives. (Turns so her back is to the audience) Judy: Please...don't... Father: How many people is it going to take? (Turns so his back is to the audience) Judy: ( Now standing alone) Two? ...read more.

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