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An investigation into the language used to represent the views on the Islam4UK parade through Wootton Bassett

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An investigation into the language used to represent the views on the Islam4UK parade through Wootton Bassett For the following representation investigation, I have chosen to analyse a series of news articles informing of the controversial plan for the Islamist group, "Islam4UK", to march through Wootton Bassett where processions for dead British soldiers are held. This group intended to parade through the town with an anti-war statement, yet due to the delicate preference of town, public outcry ensued. The articles are all from independent internet news websites, being The Times Online, Sky News Online and The Telegraph. By doing so, a range of interpretations can be gauged, and differing ideologies identified. The articles also span over a period of time. The Times focuses on the planning phase of the March, and early public reaction as a result. Sky News Online informs us of the community protest in the midst of the plight, where as The Telegraph reports on the climax of the intended Wootton Basset march, where Islam4UK discontinues any plans to proceed. Article one, published by The Times, is written as plans emerge of an Islamist protest group wanting to demonstrate the genocide of Muslims in Afghanistan as a result of British soldiers. ...read more.


In the article, it states that Ms Cleary "called on Mr Brown" to "avoid one of his wishy-washy statements". Ms Cleary is made the subject in this sentence and therefore demonstrates her as the significant person. "Wishy-washy" is an appropriate idiom as it's vague and unclear to meaning or definition. A statement from Mr Brown is later made with "I am personally appalled by the prospect of a march in Wootton Basset". The adverb 'personally', despite perhaps being unnecessary as the pronoun 'I' provides the subject to the verb, adds emphasis to his opinion. By gaining the opinion of the countries leader, Sky News Online manages to infer that the prospect of the march has caused outcry on a vast scale. As the article progresses, the simple sentence "We are not anti-Muslim" is used. This choice of sentence length conveys their message in a concise and powerful way. The collective pronoun "We" also accommodates for those who do not have the ability to express their views in the article. She supports this claim immediately stating she has had "many, many emails from Muslims thanking me for setting up the group". ...read more.


Nevertheless, choice of his own speech is a clear indication that The Times intentions were to give Choudary an opportunity to speak, perhaps due to the rest of the medias negative portrayal. In conclusion, all three articles present different ideologies on the Islam4UK parade through Wootton Basset. Noticeable difference of view is within The Times and The Telegraph, with Sky News Online also leaning towards a bias representation. Interestingly, the majority of The Telegraphs article consisted of quotations, perhaps an indication that the journalist was attempting to separate himself from the state of affairs. This may be due to the fact that The Telegraph, being right wing should support Mr. Brown yet use of Choundary's quotes in fact did the contrary. I believe that The Times used language most effectively in showing bias, simply because it was fairly direct and therefore there was no doubt in their views. Language such as "blood-thirstingly in favour of the war" is made to seem as a direct quote from Choundary, yet is in fact used by those opposing him. No quotations were used to defend Choundary , yet despite this, my personal opinion does not support Choundary's actions and I believe it would have been wrong for Islam4UK group to march through a town of such significance. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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