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How does Ian McEwan create an effective opening in "Enduring Love"?

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´╗┐Enduring Love How does the writer create an effective opening? Ian McEwan uses a variety of different techniques within the first couple of chapters of ?Enduring Love? to create an effective opening for the reader. These chapters that I will be analysing are the first idea?s that the reader gets, of understanding the main focus of the novel as everything spirals from the hot air balloon accident in chapter one. McEwan begins with a dramatic opening by telling the reader of a horrific hot air balloon accident in which it gets pulled upwards and further away by the wind with a child inside and a man clinging to a rope hanging from the basket. Just within the first few pages of chapter one, we are introduced to a catastrophe that the main character has involved himself in. ...read more.


By describing this unstable, blustery weather, McEwan sets a powerful scene. We later find out that the forceful weather is a constant feature that symbolises the danger that lies ahead. McEwan is deliberately vague and holds back vital descriptions that the reader desperately wants to read which creates anticipation but he however describes irrelevant objects with intricate detail, almost as a distraction, to fill the readers mind with a visual image which sets the scene. ?I?m holding back, delaying the information.? This short sentence feeds the reader with what McEwan is actually doing; he is ?copying? the characters actions, ?holding back? information from us. I feel this is an effective technique within the opening because we feel more involved the characters and the story if we can visualise it and also with McEwan holding back information puts us in the dark most of the time other than when we know exactly what is happening which gives us a feeling of apprehension. ...read more.


By using the word ?roared? portrays the image of a lion or tiger which is often conveyed as a powerful and strong animal. I feel this is also use of pathetic fallacy because the wind proves to be powerful and strong throughout chapter one because that is the cause of the hot air balloon lifting upwards again. This severely changes the atmosphere of the novel as McEwan begins using negative language. This foreshadows that something terrible is about to happen, i.e. the hot air balloon will rise again. In conclusion, McEwan uses a wide, varied range of techniques to add effect in the opening of ?Enduring Love?. I have analysed only a few of the techniques that he has used to entice the reader and make the opening effective however there are plenty more. The reader needs to feel involved within the story and has to be able to empathise with the characters, and I feel that McEwan has done that very well. ...read more.

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