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Opinion article. The Size Zero craze refuses to surrender. The media refuses to give up on the figures of malnutrition crawling down the catwalk, while readers continue to be secretly amazed by these new species of human are they human?

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Fashion: victim or villain? Someone stole their common sense. The Size Zero craze refuses to surrender. The media refuses to give up on the figures of malnutrition crawling down the catwalk, while readers continue to be secretly amazed by these new species of human - are they human? I'm not sure either. But, fear not my friends; the bombshells are clawing their way through the skeletons to unveil their curves on beaches, and billboards, and magazine covers, and the catwalk, and, well everywhere. Yet, I still can't help but feel shit about myself. I know when I say this many of you will agree, so I'm going to come out and say it, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Christina Hendricks and all you other bootylicious sugar tarts, I hate you. Well not hate, I'm sure they're perfectly lovely people, which makes it harder for me to hate them. I can't help but cherish the time when a bag of bones would appear in the newspaper, and my boyfriend would be repulsed. ...read more.


The world was outraged and, in her typical no-nonsense style, she replied with a blunt comeback, saying she was happy with the way she looked. So, why is it, in the year 2012 after massive leaps in technology, earth shattering events and promising ourselves that we would learn from our past, that we even give a flying f***? We were all astonished by the iPad, we were all shaken to the core during the 9/11 attacks and we all promised to ourselves and the rest of civilisation, that we would work towards never having a world war again. So, why didn't the fashion industry learn from its mistakes when 22- year-old Luisel Ramos died DURING, yep you read right, Uruguay Fashion Week after starving herself to heart failure. Or when just 6 months after, her 18-year-old sister, Eliana Ramos, died under the exact same circumstances. If this happened during a civil war, or behind the gates of a concentration camp, those responsible would be prosecuted in an international war crimes tribunal. ...read more.


who had a longer life expectancy, Beyonce would come out top 100 to 0. So why aren't you listening? When guys see a hot mama, they say 'look at that ass', ok that sounded wrong but you get my flow. They do not say, under any circumstances, 'wow look at that thigh bone'. It could be any simpler. So why aren't you listening? Fashion industry, listen up. I'm a main source of income for you all. I buy every magazine you put out there; every iPhone app you pawn, every season brochure you tempt me with, and I always respond to your crappy advertisement email you send me. And we haven't even begun on my collection of Stella McCarthy and Chanel dresses. So please, please, PLEASE, listen to my plea. I'm speaking on behalf of every un-brain washed woman in the world, APPEAL TO OUR BODY SHAPE, and stop making me feel guilty when I go for my weekly Big Mac. In return, I promise not to kill my boyfriend in a jealous rage, I will stop writing theses very unfunny articles, and I'll invest in all the other crap you throw my way. Please listen so everyone else will. ...read more.

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