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Production Piece: Challenging the representation of sex offenders in society.

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´╗┐English Production Piece Barely clothed, their soft elongated legs become sprinkled with goose bumps as the blustery winds of the evening wrap onto the warmth of their limbs. Stop staring. Just leave them alone. They?re far too young to be interested in you. Look at yourself, you?re vile; a 41 year old man glaring at 20 somethings on a Saturday night, you?re a disgusting creature who preys on women like they?re pieces of meat. No I?m not. Yes I am. No I?m not, Am I? You see, whatever you seem to think about, however unnerving or disturbing ? it all seems to make sense inside your head. ...read more.


That?s definitely what I do? until my sinful urges overcome my body like a force of evil. My urges make me uneasy and force beads of sweat to race down my forehead. I feel jittery as if everyone is glaring at me. But?they wear their innocence on their sleeve, it?s just so attractive, I simply can?t resist. ?What the hell is he looking at?? ?Alright mate; aren?t we young enough to be your daughters?? ?What a perverted old man.? It?s not my fault. I promise. I can?t help it. It just overcomes me. I never was the introverted predator I am today, no, not in the slightest. ...read more.


Why are they allowed to flounce around in their miniscule skirts and skin tight tops when people like me have savage thoughts of ripping them off? They want me to touch their fragile bodies with momentum and authority like a real man should. Not like the men they spend their time with, always touching them and kissing them on their cheeks. They want me to kiss their necks drenched with perfume and caress them, not those men. They want me, they want me, they want me. They lash and struggle as my weighted hands sit on their puckered mouths. They bite and dig their jagged nails under my skin, but I don?t mind. They punch and bruise my flesh, but I don?t mind. Their deafening shrieks pierce my ears, but I don?t mind. After all, they enjoy it. Don?t they? ...read more.

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