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The Engagement Necklace

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"The Engagement Necklace" Main Character: An old person Minor Character: A waiter or waitress Setting: Today and a diner Surprise element: A shell "What can I get you, Honey," the waitress asked the old man sitting in the booth at the local diner. The old man replied, "I have not much of an appetite. I am too pained to eat. I have been thinking about the past." "What's wrong," she asked, noticing he had a somber appearance upon the lineaments of his face. "I lost my best friend," he replied, "and the funeral was today. I could not bear to go. I could not say my last goodbye to her." To her? Who is "her?" The waitress finally realized whom he had meant. "Sir, I am so sorry that you lost your wife. Truly and deeply I am. I could not bear such a terrible loss." ...read more.


And those eyes! You could get lost in her eyes. By looking into them, you would forget all your cares and worries. Oh how I long to see them once more." "Wow, sir, you really loved her," the waitress said while in awe of the man's adoration for his late wife. "Yes, I suppose I did." "How did you propose to your wife? You seem to be the hopeless romantic type." "Well," the man said with a sly smile beginning to form upon his face. "I proposed to her on a beach. It was the beach where we met during the summer of '42. I had just recently been laid off from my job when I was about to buy an engagement ring for her. I had no money for a ring. I desperately wanted to marry her. Heidi changed me from the moment I met her. ...read more.


"Upon hearing this, I was in a state of shock. How would she know? The shell does not talk, or does it? It finally hit me. She would know because of the sound of the rushing ocean from the shell. It was the flow of my love for her." "Aw, that is so romantic! "Did the sound of the ocean ever stop," the waitress asked. "No, it was constant for fifty years," the man answered. "Never for one moment in my life did I ever doubt that I loved my wife, but now..." "Sir, you will always love your wife, even if the sound of the ocean stops sounding from the shell. She will live in your heart forever and no one will ever replace her." "But I am still afraid that I will forget my love for her as time passes by," said the man. "You will not. The love the two of you have will be stronger than ever. Remember, distance makes the heart grow fonder." ...read more.

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