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Short Story on Entrapment. 8:00 Sharp

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´╗┐Salina Kumbu English Coursework Zahra Fontenelle 8:00 Sharp 10 seconds to go?5?4?3?2?1?8:00. Every room in the orphanage lit up with the echoing 8:00 chime until the house fell silent. I lay on my bed slowly sinking into the silence until a great bang woke the house. Scratching, growling and panting noises grew louder and louder from the top of the hallway, from The Red Door; the door no one ever used. However even though it scared me, I was not surprised; every night we had to be in our rooms by 8:00 sharp for fear of running into the monster. The orphanage owner, Ms Kravon was a small, chubby woman. She constantly smelt of wet dog, which was weird because we were not allowed pets. She told us daily she was protecting us but every night I felt more trapped than ever. Girls had gone missing in the night. No one knew what the animal looked like; all we knew was that we would go to sleep with its roars ringing in our ears. ?Everybody up NOW!? howled Ms Kravon. Her sudden outburst woke me up instantly. With a sigh, I stumbled out of bed. Another day at the orphanage. I walked to the old wardrobe and picked out my everyday checked dress that only got washed once a fortnight. ...read more.


What?s changed? ?Ruby, oi Ruby, are you okay?? whispered Ruth from outside the door. ?What are you doing here, Ruth? You know Ms Kravon will go ballistic if she catches you near The Crunch?, I whispered back. ?I know but I want to check you are okay?, she replied ?I?m surviving, you know me?, I said trying to hold in the tears. ?Listen, Ruby, I need to talk to you about Anna, I don?t think she?s dead, I can sense her but you?re the only one who can save her, your room is the only one unlocked, please?, Ruth begged. ?What are talking about, no I won?t, I can?t?I can?t, every time I think of that monster my stomach doubles up in fright and I feel like the walls around me are screaming?, I replied. ?Fine, looks like I wasted my time here?, Ruth whispered before getting up to leave. Stepping away from The Crunch, Ruth added, ?I think I know who the monster is.? ?Who?? I asked eagerly. Ruth replied, ?It?s obvious Ruby, it?s?? Suddenly, the clock chimed. Oh no its 8:00. I shouted, ?Ruth, get out of here!? Once again the orphanage was alive with the chorus of clock chimes and the rusty sound of doors locking. ...read more.


?Nicole, why the hell did you do that?? I shouted. ?You know why!? she replied giving me a disgusting look. ?There?s nothing I could have done I tried my best?, I screamed before running off. Little Lily ran after me huffing ?Ruby wait, wait! I know you?re scared but sometimes in life we need to get past this in order to go on. We are orphans no one can truly know how much pain we have been in but that?s why we have to stick together and keep moving forward.? Looking in to her eyes I whispered, ?Thank you, you?re a brave little girl you know?. Hugging her I strolled into my room. I sat there waiting. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours. I abruptly stood up at 7:58. I walked out my room slowly shutting my old door, which had locked away so many days of my childhood. I stood there at the opposite end of the hall facing the dreaded door. I began to slowly walk towards it as if I was walking down the aisle-this was meant to be. 30 seconds left. I looked at the door, I noticed was actually quite beautiful, it?s just a shame such beauty held such darkness but now I will set it free?10 seconds to go?5?4?3?2?1 ?8:00?I opened the door?freedom. Page of ...read more.

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