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What are the most important aspects of Linda's role and character?

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Linda is the keeper of peace in the family. She is always trying to stand between Willy and her sons to ease the tension. She is protective of Willy. She knows that Willy is tired and is a man at the end of his rope - the end of his life and, as he put it, "ringing up a zero." She wants him to be happy even when the reality of the situation is bad. Linda knows that Willy has been trying to commit suicide, but does not intervene because she does not want to embarrass him. She lets it continue because she is not one to cause trouble. Throughout "Death of a Salesman" Linda serves as Willy's foundation, support and also as his reality-check. ...read more.


Later on in the play, Willy tells Linda how much he respects and loves her when he says, "You're the best there is, Linda, you're a pal," This is an important role that she must fulfil, for Willy's character needs people to like him. At the end of the book, when Willy is processing the idea of suicide, he says to the non-real Ben, "The woman has waited and the woman has suffered," This shows how Linda has stood by Willy, even in times of great hardship and suffering. When Biff and Happy are talking about their ideal woman, they give the characteristics of Linda herself. Happy says, "Somebody with character, with resistance! Like Mom, y'know?" ...read more.


This angers Biff greatly. Biff seems amazed by how old Linda looks and that, even though she is nearing the end of her life, Linda still cares for and looks after Willy lovingly. Biff calls Linda his "Pal" for he not only sees her as a mother, but also as a good friend. When Ben comes to visit the Lomans, Linda begins to distrust him. This is because he represents the idea, to Willy, that there is a quick route to success when, in reality, Linda knows this is just false hope which is eluding and destroying her husband. To conclude, it is my belief that the most important aspects to Linda's role and character are that she is resistant and resilient to the pressures placed on both her, and on the family unit. Also the fact that she is critical to Willy as his foundation and support - without her he would crumble. ...read more.

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