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Symbolism for 19 Points

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Kayla Gilbert Mr. Bain EAE 3U1 28 September 2009 Symbolism for 19 Points What happens when you hate your wife and you leave her fate in the hands of a game? Imaginative, unexpected, funny and intriguing, Death by Scrabble is appreciated by many readers. Charlie Fish, the author of this short story, uses symbolism to explain a couple's love statue through a game of scrabble. The story takes place in the couple's house, while a husband expresses the profound hatred he has for his wife. Although scrabble is usually am amusing game, in this story the game becomes reality. Death by Scrabble is seen as being very symbolic through things, actions and words.


Symbolic things can make all the difference in a story. Second of all, movements and actions have a different symbolism. Depending on the way a person thinks, talks and acts; actions and movements can be a simple gesture or even a hidden secret not yet known. Death by Scrabble includes very simple and innocent gestures. However, every move made becomes more intense. For instance, every time the husband or his wife moves a game tile, it means that they are moving on in life. Also, the husband has a habit to chew the game tiles, meaning he is distracted. In general, when a person is distracted it symbolizes a lost of interest or having something else in mind. Theses were only a few examples of symbolic actions.


In reply, his wife plays ''ready'', accepting her husband's challenge. He decides to play a move, when his wife is turned away from the game. ''He plays a trick. He throws back his "V" and takes a blank tile from the letter bag.'' Ironically, he plays the word ''cheating''. This word reflects two definitions. First, he has cheated. Second, he had an affair with another woman. His wife simply replies with the word ''ignore''. The game and the relationship finally end with a very symbolic word played by the wife ''death''. Her husband dies while choking on a game tile. In conclusion, symbolism can be found mostly anywhere; in books, on television and even on the internet. Symbolism can also be words, thoughts and actions. Whether a person takes the time to observe these symbols is up to them.

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