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Impact of music has on study for an adult leaner Report

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Impact of music has on study for an adult leaner By Phearak Choun Contents 3. Abstract 3 4. Introduction 4 5. Literature Review 5 6. Methodology 8 7. Findings 9 7.1 Exposure to music between age groups 9 7.1.1 Exposure to music while studying 9 7.1.2 Difference of participants opinion on music while studying. 9 7.2.2 Benefits in listening to music while studying 10 8. Discussion/Analysis 10 8.1 The age groups (21 to 25) and (26 to 36) spend more time listening to music while studying compared to younger age groups (18 to 21) 10 8.1.2 Comparing research findings with other sources 11 8.3 Validity of Study 11 9. Conclusion 12 10. Recommendations 12 11. Reference List 13 12. Appendices 14 3. Abstract The aim of this research project is to look at how music influences students' study habits and to find the effects of music has on a student while studying. The outcome of the project will have possible questions answered about the topic. All information has been gathered from probability sampling because there was less time available to conduct such studies. A literature review has been written to help understand the concept of music and what it can do for people. The methodology used to come up with findings are through questionnaires and through these questionnaires is where discussion and analysis of the topic will be conducted, then finally a conclusion and recommendation will be produced from the whole research project. 4. Introduction Music has been around almost as long as students have been around; Music has existed side by side with study and will continue to be an important tool for some modern day students. The research has exhibited that most students prefer to listen to music while they study, where as there are fewer students that don't listen to music while they study. The goal of this research is to find out why students listen to music while they study in terms of producing the right atmosphere for a learning environment. ...read more.


There was an option to use qualitative methods for the research but the time frame in which to complete the interviews would have taken too much time, besides Helen Wilkie made a note that there should be enough data gathered from the questionnaires even without qualitative methods such as in depth interviews. All information gathered will be all anonymous and kept confidential. All participants had to sign a consent form stating that they were happy with the terms of the agreement of filling in a questionnaire. The results from the questionnaires was summed up into their categories and produced data that was able to be used to make the statement of "to look at how music influences students' study habits" and "to find the effects of music has on a student while studying" valid. The research methods used then came up with statistical data that could be used in forms of tables and graphs to show that the whole research was successful in reaching its goal; which was to see the Impact of music has on study for an adult leaner and come to a valid conclusion depending on the results gained through the chosen methodology. 7. Findings 7.1 Exposure to music between age groups The following age groups engaged in the questionnaires: 18 - 21, 21 - 25, 26 - 36, and over 36s were examined in order to find trends and differences of exposure to music in hours and study habits in terms of access to music and its usage while studying. 7.1.1 Exposure to music while studying The amount of hour's students listen to music was compared between the different age groups to find out the relationship of whether music affected a student's study habits. The information gathered from the questionnaires showed that the majority age groups 18 to 21 where exposed to music 1-2 hours while studying where as age groups 21-25 preferred to listen to music more than 2 hours while studying. ...read more.


It could still be true that listening to Mozart can make you more intelligent and perform better at school, the research needed to cover more grounds to prove this theory. People generally like music and enjoy it even when they are not studying. This research has shed some light on the impact music has on study habits because of the valid results produced by the questionnaire. There was no need of face to face interviews as there were enough results from the questionnaire to draw a valid conclusion. 10. Recommendations Recommendation 1: Listen to music because it helps you get into the mood for study, once you have the music playing and you are studying you sometimes will notice that you are more focused on your work than anything else going on around you. Recommendation 2: Go out and buy your favourite music, because it might be the thing to help you get good grades in school. Recommendation 3: Conduct further research on your own habits when it comes to listening to music, see what works for you. 11. Reference List Australian Bureau of Statistics 1995, Australian Social Trends 1995. Retrieved April 22, 2011, from http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/[email protected]/94713ad445ff1425ca25682000192af2/A1B5D7636E6719F7CA2570EC00753522 Estrella, E n.d., Music History 101, Retrieved April 22, 2011, from http://musiced.about.com/od/beginnersguide/a/intro.htm Gantz,W, Gartenberg, H, Pearson, Seth, M, Schiller, S, 1978, Popular Music and Society, Routledge, Oxford. Gregory, J 2010, Music as a Medium for Teaching and Learning. Retrieved April 24, 2011, from http://community.prometheanplanet.com/en/blog/b/blog/archive/2010/12/15/music-as-a-medium-for-teaching-and-learning.aspx Lonsdale, A, North, A, 2011, Why do we listen to music? A uses and gratifications analysis, Retrieved April 22, 2011, from http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1348/000712610X506831/full Lucas, B 2001, Power up your mind Learn faster, work smarter, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, London. Mozart effect (n.d.). Retrieved May 6, 2011, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozart_effect Scott, E 2007, Music and Your Body: How Music Affects Us and Why Music Therapy Promotes Health, Retrieved April 22, 2011, from http://stress.about.com/od/tensiontamers/a/music_therapy.htm WordNet Search 3.0 n.d., Retrieved April 22, 2011, from http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=music&sub=Search+WordNet&o2=&o0=1&o7=&o5=&o1=1&o6=&o4=&o3=&h= 12. Appendices Table 1 Table 2 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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