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The level of economic development influences the quality of life Discuss

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"The level of economic development influences the quality of life" Discuss Economic development is the increase in ones standards of living within the country's population with sustained growth from a simple, low income economy to a complete opposite, high-income economy. Quality of life is very difficult to define because individuals have different perceptions but it's the social and psychological condition of people arising from their everyday life. So in other words is someone who is wealthy and has everything they need happy? If a person's quality of life is improved for example if they went from having no water or no shelter over their heads to having clean drinking water and a roof over their head, you would expect them to be a lot happier with their lives. ...read more.


GNI in Bangladesh is $1980 pc (180th in the world),China is $5530 pc (129th in the world), Japan is $30'040 pc (19th in the world) Development cable is one way of measuring Quality of Life and it could tell us if with economic development comes a better quality of life, for example if they have all the 5 main elements of the cable which are Demographic (Life expectancy, Birth/Death Control, Mobility, Personal Wealth), Social (Equal opportunities, Satisfaction), Cultural (Education, Culture, Identity), Environmental (Sustainability), Political (Freedom of Speech, Democratic government) If they have these then their Quality of life should rise. ...read more.


But with economic development comes many benefits that could increase a country's quality of life such as: * Increased access to education and higher rates of adult literacy. * The Wider provision of health services, safe water and sewage disposal * More food security So in general a better-developed country would have a much better quality of life as they will have the basic standards of living to be able to survive and they would be happy that they had these. Or you could look at it and think that now you have the basics in life, you want the luxuries and you could be unhappy that you don't have these, so we could become an over demanding society where we always seek for the next best thing. 21/09/2010 08:47 ...read more.

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