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Beach survey

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Methodology Beach survey In a group we did a beach survey of the protected beach and the unprotected beach. At each of the two locations we measured the angle of the beach and the depth of the sand. To start our beach survey we laid out measuring tape from the sea to the cliff (or 30 meters out) on the unprotected beach but on the protected beach the tape went from the sea wall to 30 meters out. We used survey poles - 3 meters apart - making sure they were vertical. At each survey pole we took a trowel and measured the depth of the beach. We did this by digging until we met the clay and then noted down our results as we got them. Whilst measuring the depth of the beach we also did the angle. We obtained the results by using a clinometer. To use the clinometer we lined it up against a line of the first pole and pointed it towards the second pole, using the sights to line it up against the corresponding line on the pole. Then we released the trigger to measure the angled and noted our results down. ...read more.


The photographs however are accurate evidence of the erosions occurring and therefore I can look back on them without having to remember what the cliffs look like and will help me to answer the key question. The benefits of my sketches are that they are quite detailed and give me an idea of what the cliff was like and it was what I was actually looking at that day. The benefits of taking my digital photographs are that they are very accurate and may be a better choice if you aren't the best artist. The problems with the sketches are that you could have drawn what you like and so could affect they way you look at them later on. They are also not as accurate as the photographs. However the problem with photographs is that you could take them at any angle you like and therefore could change the way the photo looks and change the information the photo shows. Traffic Count In a group we took a traffic count in Walton, we did this activity on the cross roads of Kirby road, Church road and the High street. These roads are shown here: At this location we recorded a traffic count of the vehicles going into and out of Walton town. ...read more.


By doing this it will help me to answer key questions four: 'Is it necessary to protect the coastline at Walton?' It will help me to answer this question as the land use survey would give me a detailed view on the town for example: It would show me if the town was more residential or more recreational. This would make a difference to the answer of the key question above as it would show if there was a variety of uses in the town (residential areas, tourist areas, business areas etc.) So this would also help to show the importance of protecting the coastline at Walton. The benefits with a land use survey are that it give a very detailed over look on the town and it shows what parts of the town are used for different types of land use. It also shows the many different land uses used in Walton like the vast recreational areas and all the others listed above. Finally using the key and the different colours make this land use survey visually simple to read the information from. The problems with the land use survey are that it may not be accurate and unless you did the survey in groups and split the town up for different groups to take on different areas then it could take a long while to fill the whole map in accurately. ...read more.

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