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The Economic Value of Igneous Activity.

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The Economic Value of Igneous Activity. Geothermal Activity. Geothermal energy is produced by steam and hot water reservoirs under but near the surface of the Earth. It can be used for heating or power generation. This energy source can become locally important in those areas where geothermal activity takes place, e.g. in Iceland, Italy, and in the United States, where the largest plant is at The Geysers in Sonoma County, Calif. The corrosive action caused by the high salt content of the water and the deposit of chemicals on the piping system lead to high construction and maintenance costs. Impact On Soil Fertility and Agriculture Clay particles form during the weathering of igneous rocks, such as granite and basalt. ...read more.


The Cascades begin where the Sierra Nevada ends. Separating the two mountain ranges is a gap, located south of Lassen Peak. To the north the Cascade Range joins the Canadian Rockies. The broad mass of the Cascade Range is composed of igneous and volcanic rock. Magnificent forests cover the slopes. Most of the heavily wooded range is within conservation and national forest areas. The trees are mostly evergreens such as the tamarack, the pine, the cedar, and the Douglas fir. This example of a mountain range is used for skiing and hiking. The igneous rocks forms peaks that are outstandingly beautiful, which attracts tourist from inner city area to visit. The local economy could be boosted by the introduction of cafeteria's and ski lift operators, which would minimize unemployment. ...read more.


Marble is a type of igneous rock that is very perishable, though expensive. Igneous rocks are very heavy causing a problem in transportation. The rock is very acidic as well causing the surrounding area to loose vegetation etc. China Clay The most valuable clay is China clay, or kaolin. When fired, it is almost pure white. It is used for fine china, porcelain, tile, and electric insulators and in making paper. Because it is not highly plastic, it is mixed with light-colored ball clay to make it easier to mold. Ball clay is so called because it is taken from clay pits in ball-like chunks. It is used in the tiles and sanitary fixtures in bathrooms. It is also the basis for most ordinary pottery. Chine clay is found in the south west of England e.g. Cornwall. The colour of the clay is a dark kind of red. ...read more.

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