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The rainforest is being exploited this means that it is not being used properly and is being taken advantage of.

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Exploiting The rainforest is being exploited this means that it is not being used properly and is being taken advantage of. The Amazon Rainforest is vanishing at 3 TIMES the rate it was in 1994. 20% of the Amazon Rainforest is already destroyed. *2.47 ACRES per second *150 ACRES per minute * 214,000 ACRES per day * 78 MILLION ACRES per year: * In Brazil- 5.4+ Million Acres per year *80% of the ancient forests have been destroyed *only 20% of the ancient forests remain intact Over 1 million people moved into the forest all these people cleared parts of the forest to grow crops on since the trees grew so well they thought it would do the same for the crops. ...read more.


The main materials that the people want are the most expensive so these would be teak and mahogany these would most probably be sold to rich countries. Most of the wood is logged by big multinational companies. Mining also is used in the rainforest this is done by massive international companies iron ore; bauxite, gold, and many other valuable metals are dug up. Carajas is the biggest mining area in the forest. Big companies bought land to raise there cattle on. They use a burning technique where they just burn the forest down this was a much faster way of doing things. This also had the same effects as growing crops the land is left almost desert like after they have used it. ...read more.


They have 79 more dams in planning for the forest. Europeans arrived in the Amazon there were an estimated 6 million Amerindians. Today, there are only about 300,000. The remaining Indians are forced to live in reservations or to become "tourist attractions." Among humans, the Amerindians have the oldest claim to the rainforest; they have lived in harmony with the forest for longer than any other civilization. But not all of this is bad. Even though the forest is being destroyed the people that live there are getting money to make their lives better. The country Brazil is getting money so it can make the country better they can build new hospitals build new houses for people and make living in Brazil a lot better. The dams that were built might mean the flooding but it gives the country cheap power so factories will open up there which will give jobs to the locals. ...read more.

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