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The San Francisco Earthquake

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The earthquake lasted for 15 terrifying seconds...... Heavily damaged buildings in the Marina District of San Francisco A house in the mountains north of Santa Cruz, California, destroyed Ground view of collapsed building, Marina District Fire following earthquake.... The Earthquake eyewitness account of Howard Livingston "I was awakened by a violent shaking of the house accompanied by a roar and the sound of cracking wood. My brother and I leaped out of bed and stood in the doorway of our room until the shaking stopped. I could hear the crash of falling bricks outside and heard my father say, "This is certainly a real earthquake." It was already light, 5:18am I noticed by the hall clock. ...read more.


The superintendent realized that we were uneasy and soon sent us home. I returned to our house and found my parents and the eldest of my sisters there. Most of the neighbors were also at home. We gathered in groups on the sidewalk, watching the ever-spreading smoke and speculating on our future. While we sat to have a cup of coffee, the house started shaking really badly and the walls started breaking. My dad quickly told all of us to get out. And when we got out, all the other buildings started to collapse and people were screaming and running about everywhere. My little sister was crying so much and got so scared when she saw the buildings collapse in front of her. ...read more.


Loads of fire engines soon arrived on the spot and tried to control the fire. So many people were crying and screaming as they lost all they had and were standing on the streets with nothing. That was the worst earthquake in San Francisco. So many people were made homeless and my family and I were one of them. It was a terrifying experience and I hope it doesn't happen again. We haven't got anything with us and now we are living in a small room until the places that got destroyed by the earthquake get sorted out. Then my dad and I have to go hunting for jobs to earn some money so we can at least buy food to eat. I hope that something like this never ever happens again". "R.I.P TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES IN THIS EARTHQUAKE" ...read more.

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