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This investigation focuses on an area of the west bank of the medina estuary on the Isle of Wight.

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Introduction This investigation focuses on an area of the west bank of the medina estuary on the Isle of Wight, located on fig. 0.1 + 0.2. The areas are located on the Medina Estuary one mile north of the town of Newport. I will be studying five areas along the bank; * Stag lane in the north * Dodnor creek * Dodnor hard * The Medina Valley Centre (MVC) * The Marine Transfer Facility (MTF) This investigation will be studying the environmental quality of the areas along a transect from Stag lane to the MTF and how the changing land uses affect these areas. My title is as follows; 'What is the impact of the changing human land uses on the environmental quality of the transect along the west bank of the Medina estuary from Stag lane to the MTF.' It is expected that when studying this area that the differing land uses will each have their own individual impact on the surrounding environment. Along the transect the area closer to Newport (the MTF) is more industrial and so would be expected to have a more negative impact on the environment. Whereas to the other end of the transect, (Dodnor creek) industry is limited due to its SSI status, and so the negative impact of land uses on the environment are expected to be limited. The focus will also be placed on how the land uses have changed over the years to show how the area has developed and how it is likely to develop in the future. This title was chosen as it is important to realise the effects of modern developments (changes of land use etc) and their effects on the environment, the abundance of wildlife and visual quality of the area. The effects need to be assessed so areas can be designated for conservation and plans for management decided. The study areas are also conveniently located near to the medina Valley centre where we were staying. ...read more.


However this area is protected from development by law due to its ideal habitat for a range of wildlife, which is shown by the lack of potential for development. All the other areas show similar levels of medium potential suggesting the environmental quality is lower despite fairly high levels scored on the bi-polar. I would have expected that a high bi-polar score would indicate low potential but other factors such as flatness of the land rather than environmental quality are taken into account when deciding suitability for development, which the bi-polar does not. Flat land would increase suitability for development. Analysis - Spearman's Rank The hypothesis is that the closer to the MTF the better the environment due to better managed land use. (As the distance from the MTF increases the environmental quality will decrease.) Area Site (a, b or c) see chloropleth map Distance from MTF (site c) /m X Bi-polar score Y Rank X Rank Y Rank X-Rank Y = d D squared MTF C 0 31 15 6.5 8.5 72.25 B 63.2 26 14 12.5 1.5 2.25 A 126.4 30 13 8 5 25 MVC C 252.8 35 12 3 9 81 B 316 34 11 4 7 49 A 379.2 31 10 6.5 3.5 12.25 Dodnor Hard C 410.8 28 9 11 -2 4 B 474 40 8 2 6 36 A 521.4 43 7 1 6 36 Dodnor Creek C 584.6 29 6 9.5 -3.5 12.25 B 647.8 29 5 9.5 -4.5 20.25 A 711 21 4 15 -11 121 Stag Lane C 726.8 33 3 5 -2 4 B 790 24 2 14 -12 144 A 853.2 26 1 12.5 -11.5 132.25 Sum Of d squared = 751.5 Spearman's Rank coefficient = N = number of paired sets of data (15) = 1- 4509 3360 = 1- 1.34196... = -0.34196... The result of -0.34 is a negative correlation which supports the hypothesis. ...read more.


There are other land use changes, in the north there has been a change to the industry with a large part of what was previously industrial becoming derelict, the declining industry in the north could be due to the fact the companies have outgrown their surroundings and with the inability to expand due to restriction of the SSSI and lack of space and poor infrastructure have been forced to relocate. 2004 The present day land use map shows further development of the previous grassland this is fairly extensive to the south. The new large industrial area represents the modern development of NEG Micron; this is a huge development for the area and is likely to have a large impact on the surrounding area. There has also been an increase in arable farming, which has changed the land use of much of the grassland along the bank of the river. Overall since 1962 there has been a great decline in the natural grassland and an increase in industry, which is likely to have a negative impact on local wildlife and the environment. Site and time Number of people activity 1 2 3 4 5 Site and time Number of people activity 1 2 3 4 5 Litter count Site and time Amount of litter Description 1 2 3 4 5 Bird count Site Time Weather Disturbances Species Number seen Oyster catchers Coot Cormorant Black headed gulls Herring gulls Moorhen Other Contents table Content Page number Key Question 1 -Introduction 1 Methodology 4 Booking sheets 7 Data presentation- located photos 10 Annotated photos 11 Analysis - photos 13 Key Question 2 Data presentation- land use maps 14 Analysis-land use maps 16 Data Presentation-activity/people count, located proportional circles. 17 Analysis-activity/people count, located Proportional circles. 18 Key Question 3 Data Presentation- Litter and bird count, located proportional bars. 19 Analysis - Litter and bird count, located proportional bars. 20 Data presentation- Bi-polar, chloropleth map Potential survey, located bar charts. 21 Analysis Bi-polar, chloropleth map Potential survey, located bar charts. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Environmental Management section.

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