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Urbanisation the general characteristics

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AS Geography - Module S - Urban Change in the Last 30 Years Urbanisation - the general characteristics What is urbanisation? Towns and cities in LEDCs are growing very rapidly, with increasing numbers of people choosing to live In the cities, a process called urbanisation. LEDCs are undergoing a transitional period of urban growth and urbanisation similar to that that took place throughout Europe in the nineteenth century. Urbanisation occurs due to peole leaving the rural areas to come to the city, urban, areas. Urbanisation is an issue in LEDCs, MEDCs have already gone through this process... The high rate of natural increase in many LEDCS Is having an effect not only on the population growth. Why are cities growing faster than the rural areas??? Urbanastion over time... LEDCs A high birth rate Although the birth rates in many LECDs are falling, they continue to be high, with the main reasons for this been limited birth control, or lack of family planning. Over reasons contribute to a high Birth Rate. o Large families are usually more prosperous, with the many hands available to work and share tasks such as water and food collection. The more children available to work on the land, the greater a familiy can cope with a harvest. o In spite of many improvements in health care and infant care, infant mortality remains to be high in LEDCs; if many children are likely to dide in infancy, more births will compensate for loss. ...read more.


100s of migrants arrive from rural areas everyday increasing the population. The Mexican authorities say there are currently 16 million people in Mexico city, the UN estimates the true figure to be double this. The population in the city is "beyond sustainable limits". Overcrowing in the poorer areas of the city increase congestion and decreases quality of life by affecting health. Many ares are poorly built shanty town ares where no planning control is in force, as a result infrastructure and basic needs shuch as accsees to clean water is hard to ensure. There is much underage pregnancy in mexico city, this increases the birth rate and puts more stress on the city. Most employment in the city is in the informal sector, shoe cleaners, car washers etc. these peole earn every little for a lot of hard work. These people have no qualifications and no access to education and as such have very little hope of working their way out of porvery. As most of the poor live in tempory housing, healthcare and rubbish disbosal is very poor and basic. The air pollution from traffic and industry in mexico city is eqevilent to having 60 ciggarettes a day. There is a severe shortage of land in the city and very high land prices, especially anywhere near to the city centre, only the wealthy can afford to live close to the center. ...read more.


Global stress factor Urbanisation will affect the whole world, as new, strong, healthy economies emerge our's will gave to adapt, making the nessesry adjustments to make sure our's is not wiped out by this new super-power. Industry around the world willl be affected, certain contries will contine their long traditions of worling for a particular industy the the output in LEDCs will be massivly increased, until we become relient on them. Trade laws must be refined and used effectivwey to prevent an industrial and manufacutrail collapse aroud the world. # for example, the European Union recently imposed sanction on the amount of cloth china can export, when china overwent this figure, and the union blocked it's shipments, many stores around the European union reported shortages off clothing. Cities of the future....... The mega cities of the present will continue to grown and grow becoming larger and larger. The largest cities of te future can be expected to be 1. Tokyo 2. Mexico 3. Sao Paulo 4. New York 5. Bombay 6. Shanghai To cope with this stress on the environment these cities will have to develop and be controlled like independent countires. Factors to overcome o The city must have excellent transport links from secoto to sector o Healthcare must be easy to find and enjoy the benfits of scale. ...read more.

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