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Communication P4 & M2

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Introduction As a worker in the health and social care profession it is essential that I have good communication skills and can understand the challenges that others have to face in order to communicate effectively. A new residential and nursing home will be opening in my neighbourhood and I have been offered a position in the team of care workers. During the induction week - and before the tenants take up residence, staff has been allocated a variety of tasks to help ensure that residents are happy and comfortable in their new home. As the service users will have a variety of communication needs, many different approaches must be considered to ensure effective understanding. I have also been asked to devise a detailed chart for display in the staff office that identifies how communication needs may be addressed. What home will I be attending? I have drawn up a chart which will be posted up in the staff room; this chart indicates to employees what sort of communication skills should be addressed to the people. All conversations should be formal as employees and the old people who will be living there do not know each other. Identifying cultural differences using listening skills in order to provide emotional support Showing that you value others Text messaging using mobile phones Always offering choices to services users Using an appropriate language for communication Respecting and promoting service users' rights including confidentiality Adapting the environment to improve communication Contacting appropriate support services including advocates, interpreters etc Avoiding assumptions and stereotypes about other people Identifying and overcoming barriers to communication Using appropriate aids and adaption Providing a 'caring presence' Developing an understanding of, or empathy with, others through communication Table of Communication: Empowering Care for the Service user's. The table above helps each employee use powerful communication skills with the service user's it is important that each service user is addressed in an appropriate manner. ...read more.


When we meet and talk with people, we usually use two language systems: verbal language and non verbal/body language. Our body can send messages to others by the way we interact and move, by the signals we show and receive. In the care home the workers will need to show a level of non verbal communication for all the service users. For example if a cleaner was to clean, she/he would smile and have a relaxed body posture so that the service users do not feel threatened. I will need to make sure in the care home the workers are smiling constantly at the service users the reason for this is because it indicates that everything is fine and that the service users shouldn't be scared to ask for help as much as time as they want during the day. Also I would need to make sure that the workers in the care home which are talking to the service users always looked interested in what is being said. The service users will always want to feel as if they are being listened to and their ideas are being accounted for. If the workers were not listening and constantly ignored what was being said it would cause them to feel frustrated. Finally, it is crucial that the workers in the care home are always calm and they do not over react in a situation which may occur, for example to service users arguing over something, the workers will need to make sure they try and calm down the environment, by not raising there hand or not showing any rude gestures. In this part of the assignment I will be talking about service users which need specific communication and the types of support that might be benefit them. Visual disability There are many different methods that blind people could use. Because visual can get damaged for anybody at any age it is important to have different methods of communications with out being able to see. ...read more.


This service could also be used for all the service users. Thirdly, Befriender seek to create a supportive relationship with others, a befriender will have good communication skills that enable them to listen to and build an understanding of, a service user's views and feelings. This could be a great advantage to the care home simply because I could train staff to be befriender and would benefit the service users as they are comfortable talking to somebody they see on a daily basis. However, I will need to take in consideration that becoming a befriender takes many hours of training and it isn't as easy as it seems. Finally, the elderly suffer from depression which could lead to anxiety this could be short term or long term, either way it is dangerous for an individual. This could occur to any body weather they have a hearing disability or weather they have a learning disability depression is something they may suffer, simply because they are left alone in the family. Or they are chucked in to the care home not wanting to be there, or simply because they are grieving over lost ones as time has passed by. Either way it is my job to make sure that the services users get full use of all the services and are taken well care of. It is also important that I allow the service users gain self esteem I could do this by talking to them one on one, I could train staff to talk to the service users on a regular basis. More importantly I would need to choose those who want to work here and feel that this is more than just a job. Because the elderly may not have much time to live and suffering from depression could cause earlier deaf, so I will make sure all the workers are trained so that they can deal with the real life problems that the elderly have to face on a daily basis. ?? ?? ?? ?? P4 & M2 1 ...read more.

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