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Health and Social Care Unit 3 Health and Well being

Extracts from this document...


1. G.C.E. A Level Health and Social Care 2. Unit 3: Promoting good health 3. Jake Boddice 4. 5. 6. Contents Introduction Research Methods Chapter 1 (A01): Evidence that candidates understand the principles of health and well-being, including the factors which can affect health and well-being. Chapter 2 (A02): Applying knowledge and showing understanding of the job roles of key workers who promote health including information about two preventative measures. Chapter 3 (A03): Evidence of planning and carrying out a health promotion campaign. Chapter 4 (A04): Evidence of the impact of your health promotion campaign and your own performance. Chapter 5: Conclusions and evaluations Bibliography Appendix Introduction The focus of this portfolio will be to produce a report of the planning of and my participation in a small scale health promotion campaign The evidence I need to provide is as follows: 1. I will show I understand the principles of health and well-being, including the factors which can affect health and well-being. 2. I will apply knowledge and show understanding of the job roles of key workers who promote health including information about two preventative measures. 3. I will show evidence of planning and carrying out a health promotion campaign. 4. I will show evidence of the impact of my health promotion campaign and your own performance. Research Methods This unit will look at the following research methods Secondary data will come from existing materials such as: 1. Internet 2. Leaflets 3. Books 4. Magazines 5. Hand outs 6. Classroom notes 7. Radio 8. Podcasts 9. Surveys 10. Investigations Primary data will come from my own personnel research such as: 1. Field notes 2. Covert and Overt observations 3. Interviews 4. Questionnaires Chapter 1 (AO1): Evidence that candidates understand the principles of health and well-being, including the factors which can affect health and well-being. Chapter 1 (AO1): Evidence that candidates understand the principles of health and well-being, including the factors which can affect health and well-being. ...read more.


Prevention Primary, secondary and tertiary are the three types of prevention used in health education, each with different aims and implemented in different ways. The first one, primary health education, is aimed at healthy people to help prevent ill health from happening. It mainly targets children and young people and covers topics such as hygiene, nutrition and contraception. This sort of prevention also aims to improve individual?s quality of life by improving the quality of their health. The second prevention method, secondary health prevention, is directed at people who already have health problems and the aims of this prevention is to prevent their problems from moving on and reaching the next stage. When this prevention method is hopefully fulfilled the person will be restored to their former good health. It will usually mean that the service user will need to change an aspect of their life, such as alcohol intake or their diet. The final type of prevention is tertiary prevention. This method targets those with long-lasting or serious health problems. This is to enable the individual to be able to live healthily during the potential time they have left. An example of this would be enabling a person who got paralysed in a car accident to be able to manage their symptoms. It will enable them to get the most out of their situation and to also be able to lead a more simple life. Rehabilitation is also another example of this prevention. Health Education Aim Examples Primary Prevention To prevent ill health problems from occurring Discouraging children from drinking alcohol, smoking or taking drugs. Advice is also provided on contraception and safe sex. Immunisation is also offered Secondary Prevention To prevent ill health from becoming more serious, such as changing a service user?s bad habits Advising drinkers to reduce their alcohol intake, advising obese people to eat more healthily, offering screening programmes to service users Tertiary Prevention To help people with long lasting or serious illnesses to be able to live more efficiently Providing people with advice on rehabilitation. ...read more.


Engaging As my target audience is off a 16- 18 age, and will most likely with friends who they are comfortable and talk to on a day to day bases, I need to ensure that my presentation keeps their attention and doesn?t bore them leading to them becoming distracted and talking. They need to be engaged and want to listen. Resources Used? Before choosing the resources I would use in my health promotion campaign I looked at the resources used by others in past health campaigns, some in which were also promoting no smoking day, to see how they used different resources and for what purpose. Slogan The first resource that I found which is a reoccurring factor throughout no smoking campaigns but gets updated each year is a set slogan. This slogan promotes the campaign and is usually in the form of a short phrase. For my campaign as the target audience is younger I wanted my language use to appeal to them more, therefore I chose ?Step up.? This is not only a clear message to someone who maybe a smoker telling them to step up and quick but also I will use this slogan throughout my campaign initiating them to ?Step up? and ask a question or give their opinion, therefore working it into the heart of my campaign. TIME SCALE: The slogan did not take long to think off. I researched past slogans made sure I didn?t copy one just used them for inspiration and ideas. COST: N/A Presentation The presentation will be created and designed before the questionnaire, therefore enabling it to be a strong evaluation method for my presentation. I used the software Microsoft PowerPoint, overall the presentation took the majority of my time in this chapter, as after TIME SCALE: The time scale for this task wasn?t too long. I first constructed a list of the subjects I wanted to voice in my presentation, and then I ordered them into how I wanted my presentation to flow so was appropriate and would have the most affect relating to the approach models and my target audience. ...read more.

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