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Job description - adult nursing

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´╗┐Adult Nursing Ault nursing is a rewarding carer; this is where you get to look after other people who are under your care. As an adult nurse you will come across a lot of challenges whether with your patients not willing to take correct actions to get better or you not wanting to get alone with your co-workers. The career into adult nurse is a demanding and emotionally draining. When you are an adult nurse, you?re meant to have good communicative skills this in order to understand the service users who are talking to you. ...read more.


You will need to have good interpersonal skills where you will communicate better with everyone who you provide the service to. Nurse will need to have a good knowledge of acute and chronic disease. The nurses will need to have an excellent knowledge of the primary care trust. You may come across varies types of challenges when you are a nurse such as not being able to get along with other members of staff known as ? Co-worker Conflict?. ...read more.


Another challenge that you may come to face is injuries when you are providing care to your service user this could be abuse from elderly with dementia to people who has got pain. As a nurse you are expected to inform your service user how to manage their chronic condition that they might have. You will have access the patients? health and how they are doing. Ordering and carrying out a diagnostic test to find out what is wrong with them and giving out medication while they are in the hospital (under your care). But the medication is prescribed by the doctor at most cases. ...read more.

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