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P1- Explain how the application of relevant principles and values will enable professionals to provide holistic support for individuals who use social services.

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´╗┐Unit 9, p1, Kinga Boguszko P1- Explain how the application of relevant principles and values will enable professionals to provide holistic support for individuals who use social services. Within this assignment I shall be describing how professionals can provide holistic care to users while taking into consideration the principles & values of an individual. I will be referring to a case study which involves 30 year old Katie who has the mental age of a 6 year old. Principles & Values Empowerment of individuals-In order to empower Katie the service provider can reinforce the different activities that are available at the care setting for Katie to pick. By giving Katie a choice of activities to choose from gives Katie a sense of importance and consideration because it shows that the service provider is considering letting Katie do what she would like. Katie is 30 years old & suffers from a mental health illness which makes her think and act likes 6 years old child. In order to meet her needs adequately and allow her to feel comfortable in that environment with the other service users; Katie should have a say and choice in what she may like to eat on a daily basis. The service provider can help to communicate with what she would like to eat by using pictures or word games that show what she wants. Another way the service provider can meet Katie?s needs is by improving communication, they can do this by hiring an advocate to prevent a barrier in communication. ...read more.


This will make Katie feel like she is cared for and important because her options and views are being considered and may be implemented if they are suitable choices. Anti-discriminatory practice- A user in a care setting can be discriminated in many forms because they are seen as vulnerable individuals; the discrimination can vary from sexuality, race, culture, gender, disability etc? If a care worker is discriminating or harassing a user due to their characteristics or features that they have e.g. disability then it could cause the user?s needs to not being met. There is direct, indirect & institutional discrimination which could all be used against a user. Direct discrimination is when a user is being discriminated openly; indirect discrimination is when discrimination is kept on the down low for example black African users can?t take part in certain activities. Institutional discrimination is when policies, procedures & regulations are lacking in a care setting; this may put the user?s wellbeing at risk because they may receive abuse or maltreatment. There is several ways that the care worker can promote anti discriminatory practice in the care setting. The care worker can include Katie in all the activities or events that may be happening in the setting, by including her and not isolating her from the rest of the users then it makes Katie feel like she is cared for and her interests are being taken into account. The care worker can socialise and interact with Katie and get to know her better, this will help develop a good trust bond between Katie and the service provider and will make Katie confide in any information she may have. ...read more.


Katie would have limited access to her personal information because she is vulnerable she may be tricked into giving it to a stranger or sharing it to someone who may manipulate the information. The care worker must respect Katie?s personal information and only share it to a professional on a need to know basis. The care can respect Katie?s confidential information by not discussing Katie?s information to friends, family or even other colleagues. All the users? files and documents about the information for example illnesses, addresses, ages etc? should be kept safely and locked securely in a cabinet. All users should be respected highly and their dignity should not be violated. When a care worker keeps the users information?s hidden reliably then it makes the user feel safe and develops a trust bond between the service provider and user. Fulfilling responsibilities-Every service provider is clearly educated and qualified in knowing that they have responsibilities to complete, they are aware that they have to follow policies, procedures & regulations in a care setting in order to protect service users. This allows user to feel cared for and promotes a self-centred approach towards the user. The care workers are expected to follow legislations such as the Data Protection Act which protects the user?s personal details from being spread to strangers and may be misused. The legislation protects both the users and the service provider?s information from being exposed and violated. If the care worker feels they have not understood policies, procedures or any regulations that have been taught in training then they are allowed to ask a colleague or their manager. ...read more.

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