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A Report on My Office Job Environment

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A Report on My Office Job Environment To: Mrs McAulay From: Richard Jones Date: Autumn 2002-09-27 Introduction: 1. The aim of the coursework is to investigate how a real business communicates within the business and with the out side world. Then I will make decisions to decide weather the way they communicate is the best way or if it can be improved. I will look at different ways in which the business I choose communicates internally and externally. After I analyse my data I will decide if there could be improvements. 2. The business I am going to use is Industrial Fork truck Parts Ltd, the contact I have I have chosen is my mum she is a personal assistant at the work place and she uses forms of communication mostly to contact clients in other countries. ...read more.


Findings: [image002.gif] In this pie chart it shows me that the most popular form of communication used is the telephone. It also tells me that the least used type of communication is a meeting. [image004.gif] From this graph I can tell that telephone and email are the most frequently used type of communication inside the work place. The type of communication, which is used least inside the work place, is a meeting. Strengths and weaknesses: [image006.jpg] * Letters * Advantages of using letters are that they can provide a permanent record for future reference. * Accurate, clear messages can be sent * Disadvantages are they can be less personal * There is no immediate feedback * Memoranda * Advantages are short and to the point * They can provide a permanent record for future reference * Disadvantages there is no immediate feedback * Reports * Advantages are reports can be copied and ...read more.


made between users * Disadvantages are that users need a modem and a computer * Connections can be sometimes be lost Data Protection Act: The Data Protection Act is an Act of Parliament, which controls the use and storage of personal data. This will affect the ways in which people communicate as company's will not be able to store a lot of information about one company which limits them to only being able to keep in storage the name and address of the company. Unless there is a very good reason to withhold more information they are limited which would cause problems when information gained, is either forgotten or lost. Health and Safety: The health and safety act is an act of parliament, which supports people who have been injured in the work place. If the health and safety act is not visible in the work place the company can be sued. ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report describes how the business uses a number of different communication methods, both internally and externally. However the report doesn't give a detailed view on the Data Protection Act or the Health And Safety aspect. The aims ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report describes how the business uses a number of different communication methods, both internally and externally. However the report doesn't give a detailed view on the Data Protection Act or the Health And Safety aspect. The aims of the report are clear, and this is quite good. Although for high marks, the report could explain a little information regrading their case study. Such as 'HMV is a retailer which markets a number of entertainment products to consumers, such as DVD's, Blu-Rays, Music and Games'. The report shows a number of visual graphs/charts, and this is quite good, as this allows the examiner to visualise the report. However the report could include the data as well as the visual charts/graph to support these. As it's important to state where the data was from and the actual data used to format the visual display. The Data Protection Act has eight main principles, and these are missing from the report. These eight principles should each be explained using a small but detailed paragraph on each of the eight sections of this regulation.

Level of analysis

The report mentions that one of their sources is going to be their Mother. This is quite good, as this is explaining the advantages of the source. However the other resources, such as Books and the Internet is quite limited. Thus, the report could state something on the lines of 'With the Internet and Books, I may not be able to find relevant information on the business's practices, as each business is different and using these two resources are aimed at an ideal business and this may not be as useful compared to other resources for the report'. The report lists a number of methods, however doesn't fully explain why it's an advantage or a disadvantage. For instance, the report could include 'E-Mails allows the business to keep a record of all the communication between the client and the business, this is a real advantage to the business, as it provides quick access if the business ever needs to re-look back on their previous work to confirm that an event has occurred'.

Quality of writing

The report lists a number of technical terms, such as 'Letters' and 'E-Mail' and describes these using detail. In addition, the student also states whether each of these methods are an internal or external communication within the business. This is quite good, as the examiner is able to understand what each method is and understand how the business uses the method within their business.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 25/02/2012

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