In this report I will justify reasons for upgrading Microsoft Office 2013 to Microsoft Office 2016.

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I have recently been hired as an IT consultant by a small charity that wishes to advertise itself with a website and take donations. They have asked me to look at their current computer systems and advise on any new software installations or upgrades that may have been necessary. In this report I will justify reasons for upgrading Microsoft Office 2013 to Microsoft Office 2016.

The upgrade’s main focus is on collaborative working; they are aiming the upgrade to businesses so that staff can work on documents at the same time with additional communication bonuses.  They have added many teamwork features so that businesses benefit from the upgrade. It allows Real time typing in world lets you see others edits as they make them with improved version history and share buttons in ribbon on many of the programs. Not only that but thanks to Skype you can now have in-app integration, instant messaging, screen share, talk or video chat right in your docs. This is great for an IT company to ensure that all staff are working together as a team on different tasks, encouraging communication amongst the company. There are other skype benefits. There is now HD Video and co-authoring, Office 365 Groups that are now available as part of Outlook and on iOS, Android, and Windows and the ability to set of Office mobile apps across Windows, Android, and iOS.

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Additionally, there are benefits to Outlook. Outlook 2016 is built to give you lightning fast search, remove low priority mail, and make sure everyone has the right access with Modern Attachments. It has Outlook Clutter in 2016, Most recently used documents in Outlook, Improved autosuggest search and the most recently used documents list travels with you across your devices.

There is also tools added to Excel. Excel 2016 is the most powerful analysis tool in your arsenal. There is now Integrated Power Pivot, One-Click forecasting, new chart types and Smart Lookup brings insights from the web right into your Office ...

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