The following report will outline how a business communicates effectively and efficiently within their company on a daily basis with the use of information communication and technology.

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Applied ICT                Unit 1



The following report will outline how a business communicates effectively and efficiently within their company on a daily basis with the use of information communication and technology. I will research how new technology has changed the way companies communicate internally and externally. I will also research in depth the nature, purpose and use of information in an organisation.

As most businesses use ICT to order online goods and most businesses has their own websites this shows companies have embraced ICT and new technology.

I will also explain how information circulates in a business with email, EDI and other things to transfer data which is vital in the business. I will show how within a company they use internet and intranet. I will also explain how information circulates within an organization and the different departments within the organisation and how in a business they use ICT to store large amounts of information on their costumers.

The information on their costumers is held as it is needed to bill their customers and to send them information about the product they have bought and information on new products they might be interested in. I will research two companies and gather three documents from each and analyse the personal information on each and access how the organisation uses this information. To do this I will use the internet and email to businesses  


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Nature, purpose and use of information.  

Within an organisation information is a very valuable resource it’s the key element in running a business. With out information a business would not survive the business would not no what there paying or how munch they should be paid. Without up to date information the managers within a business could not make big and important decisions within a company this shows how essential information is. Without information a company could be ruined as it may go down the wrong direction. Every organisation, regardless of size, requires information to make it work. Without current and, accurate information, the Managers in the organisation cannot make good decisions about anything.

For example one company that uses information throughout is Tesco. Tesco has an online ordering form that requires a log in information table. Within the form the costumers have to fill in a lot of in formation for example Name, Surname, Address and Email. This information is used to deliver the order to the costumer the order form also has email information to advertise new products and to give the costumer valuable information.

Below is and ordering form which shows the information in which you have fill out to receive your product. The example below shows a Tesco online ordering form.

Another example of a company that uses online ordering forms is Argos the online catalogue shopping website. The Argos online store can also help you check all the latest prices, check your product is in stock, make a purchase reserve and even locate your nearest store. Within the Argos online ordering store Argos has a large variety of products like electronics, kitchen products, laundry items, gifts collection, office and computer products, sports goods and personal care items. ICT is very important to Argos as Argos use the internet to advertise and sell there products through there website .

Within the Argos website there is an online ordering form for costumers within the online ordering form the information includes Name, Surname, Address and Email. This information is required to send the costumer there product and also to send them information and updates of new products within Argos. This is an example of the online ordering form within Argos.

Section 3

The use of ICT to process information

Within a business the use of EDI is extensively used it refers to the structured transmission of data between organizations by electronic means. It is used to transfer electronic documents from one computer system to another. EDI is used through Email which is a method of exchanging digital messages. Many organisations use Emails to communicate quickly and efficiently internally and externally to their organisations for example: if a company would like to communicate a message to all staff, generally the fastest, cheapest and most effective way would be to send an ‘All staff email’.

 This message will be received immediately to all intended contacts.

Another advantage of using emails to communicate is that you can set up a distribution list to intended contacts this can be set up quickly and is easy to use and therefore will save time when sending out emails. The disadvantages of using emails to communicate is that viruses can be spread round the organisation, companies will need to keep up to date with anti-virus software etc or this will have a negative effect on the company. Spam mail can also be sent via emails and this can have a negative effect on the day to day running of organisations.

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Video Conferencing is used widely by businesses to communicate with other companies. Video Conferencing is very convenient for businesses video conferencing has to offer is the ability to meet with people in remote locations without incurring travel expenses or other expenses associated with face to face communication. There other advantages of video conferencing which are:

  • Companies are able to have meetings easily between branches that are situated very far away.
  • Companies are able to save on travel and hotel costs, previously incurred through transporting different employees to one place.
  •  Meetings can be organised at short notice.
  • Employees are ...

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